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Which Laser is Best for Facial and Neck Wrinkles? What Do You Think of Smartskin Laser?

Which Laser is Best for Facial and Neck Wrinkles? What Do You Think of Smartskin Laser? READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment for Resurfacing and Facial Rejuvenation?

Fraxel, Active FX, or Sciton Laser? It is very confusing which one to have done. My goal is to improve tone, fine wrinkles and discolorations. I work... READ MORE

Laser Vs Chemical Peel for Stretched & Saggy Lower Eyelid Skin After Juvederm Overfill

Further to my previous question about bags from Juvederm, I am now wondering what the best option is to address my stretched and saggy skin now that... READ MORE

Lasers or Dermapen for Under the Eye Wrinkles?

Which would be the best for treating fine lines and deep wrinkles under the eyes? Can lasers be used safely very close to the lashes? READ MORE

What is Coherent Ultra Pulse CO2 Laser?

Can you tell me more about Coherent Ultra Pulse CO2 Laser? Is it the best (proven) for overall skin improvement, like wrinkles, creping under the eyes... READ MORE

Are there Laser Procedures that Address Under Eye Wrinkles? (photo)

Please see the attached picture. I have a small wrinkle under my eye that my dermatologist is recommended to fill very slowly over 2/3 procedures. I... READ MORE

Alexandrite Laser for Skin Tightening and Wrinkles?

Will the Alexandrite Laser be able to do any skin tightening at all?  Or treat wrinkles?  I have a brochure that says it does. READ MORE

Will Laser Treatment Help Wrinkles Between Eyebrows and Above Lips?

Will laser treatment help the wrinkles between your eyebrows and on  the top of nyour lips READ MORE

Which Laser Treatment is Best to Get Overall Good Facial Skin?

Im in my 30's and would like to consider some laser therapy for my facial skin, I have dark brown cystic acne spots on both of my lower cheeks, very... READ MORE

Is There a Laser That Will Give Facial Rejuvination As Well As Treat Minor Eye Wrinkles?

I am looking for a total facial skin rejuvination I have minor acne scaring, a few wrinkles under eyes and minor crows feet also some facial hair (... READ MORE

Is ClearLift a good choice for skin tightening?

ClearLift laser, does it work well for skin tightening of the neck, back of arms and abdomen? Would it work well on fine lines and wrinkles? READ MORE

Best Solution for Rough Skin and Enlarged Pores?

I am a 28-year-old female with a fair skin. I'm looking to find the best solution for enlarged pores and rough skin texture. I saw a dermatologist... READ MORE

Video on my local news said the Lipotron device could erase wrinkles and spots from hands w/o pain. Does Lipotron Really Work?

I watched this on local news that lipotron device could erase wrinkles and spots from hands without pain. Do you think it really works? READ MORE

Does the Palovia at Home Laser Work?

Does the Palovia at Home Laser Work and Can It Be Used in Other Areas Besides the Eyes? READ MORE

Best Laser for Deep Chest Lines and Wrinkles Across Abdomen?

What's the best laser treatment for deep vertical chest lines and horizontal wrinkles across abdomen from loss of firmness? I am 38 years old and in... READ MORE

Ultrapulse CO2 Laser for Eye Bags and Wrinkles?

I am 40 years old and my surgeon wants to use the Ultrapulse CO2 laser around my eyes. I am concerned that this may not be the right thing for me. I... READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment for Wrinkles, Large Pores and Sagging?

Is there a laser for all these skin problems? READ MORE

Trinity Vs Fractional Laser for Under Eye Wrinkles?

Can you still scar with Fractional laser peel? What do you think of ProFractional versus Trinity system? What is the best for wrinkles under the eye area? READ MORE

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