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Pores Seem Larger After Erbium Laser Treatment?

I am 39 years and had one treatment with the Erbium laser to even skin tone and help reduce pore size, especially around the nose as I have blackheads... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Facial Telangiectasia to Get Darker After KTP Laser Treatment?

I had KTP laser treatment (Iridex Diolite long pulsed - 532nm) for facial veins on my cheeks and nose, done 4 days ago by a reputable dermatologist in... READ MORE

Had Matrix Ir Test on Chin and Left Pattern of Pore Images

Had matrix ir laser test on chin, it has been three weeks and it appears to have left pattern of small pores and the texture is worse than ever.It has... READ MORE

How old do you have to be for under eye laser?

I have purple/blue undereye circles. I don't know what is causing them, I've had them all my life but it seems as if they're getting worse. I heard... READ MORE

I have stubborn discoloration that has been getting worse with IPL and Fraxel, now Dr wants to try Erbium. (Photos)

I have stuuborn discoloration that has been getting worse with IPL and fraxel, now dr wants to try erbium, I'm scared to do more damage my skin was... READ MORE

Is laser treatment good for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation on legs?

Hello, I have some brown/red marks on my legs which resulted from folliculitis and improper hair plucking. I decided to try laser for my marks and my... READ MORE

As a male, what procedure would improve my jawline and profile? (photos)

I really don't like my profile look. I have little to no jawline, and my cheeks are huge. Straight on, I have some loose skin around the mouth and... READ MORE

Best solution to getting rid of scars on face from picking at acne/ breakouts. (photos)

I have a couple of scars on my face from picking and re picking acne that I would like to get rid of. They are quite a couple of years old, some... READ MORE

Dark spots/freckles got worser after a laser treatment done 3 weeks ago. (photo)

I had a laser treatment for my dark spots on my face almost 3 weeks ago in Vietnam but the spots seems to be darker and look like scars. What should I... READ MORE

Is it safe to have laser treatment seven weeks after the doctor tried to freeze mild age spots? (Photos)

I have gone from Lazar on a couple of spots on the other side of my face without any complications. I went to a regular dermatologist for skin check... READ MORE

Would laser work on these leg scars? (Photos)

I don't know what to do about these scars. I picked at my skin. Then I used a tca peel. The peel made everything perminant and worse. Hydroquinone 4%... READ MORE

Why is my acne worsening after my second sitting of acne laser treatment?

So I'be been having really bad breakouts and decided to go for laser treatment, the first sitting was went fine and I actually noticed good results,... READ MORE

How can I get rid of these horrible spots? (photo)

Help please these are getting worse and I'm only 45 so by the time I'm 50 it will really be bad READ MORE

Received Laser Treatment Under Eyebrow for Veins/Broken Capillaries. Now Have Black Eye, Why? (photo)

I received lasor treatment under my eyebrows for spider veins/broken capillaries 3 weeks ago. Had no reaction to it they just vanished. I was putting... READ MORE

Laser for red facial veins has left more red marks than before. Will they go?

I had laser treatment for red facial veins around my nose 2 weeks ago. I seem to have more red marks around my nose than before treatment. Will they... READ MORE

Burnt my undereye from a retinol cream and went to have it lasered away. The laser made it worse, now what can I do? (photo)

It now looks like a broken capillary cluster but I'm so scared to get laser again. What should I do? READ MORE

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