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What Type of Laser is Gentlelase Candela Laser? Is It IPL or Fractional or Neither? Very Concerned.

I am curious what type of Laser this is and possible side effects from having some pigmented spots removed. Thanks! READ MORE

I Am Have a Light Olive Complexion And Want my Neck and Jowls Tightened. Which Laser is Better?

I Am Have a Light Olive Complexion And Want my Neck and Jowls Tightened.  Which Laser is Better? Also want to reduce redness. Should I use the... READ MORE

Which Laser Treatment is Best to Get Overall Good Facial Skin?

Im in my 30's and would like to consider some laser therapy for my facial skin, I have dark brown cystic acne spots on both of my lower cheeks, very... READ MORE

I am looking for a laser treatment to help with Hemosiderin. (photo)

I am 2.5 months out of my lipo surgery and have terrible "Iorn stains" or better known as Hemosiderin all over my abdomen. I was told treatment for... READ MORE

Can you switch from one laser treatment to another type for the same area treated? (Photo)

Two months ago I had Q Switched laser procedure for brown spots on my leg. I am less than thrilled with the results. I was told by an esthetician that... READ MORE

With so many kinds of laser like Alex Trivantage, Fraxel, and Piq04 laser, how can I truly know which one will be most suitable?

In my case? i have a tiny red dark sunburn spot simply because i didnt use mederma after cosmetic surgery. its smaller than a penny but im getting... READ MORE

What is the best way to treat under eye wrinkles and fine lines? (Photos)

I'm noticing some fine lines and wrinkles under my eyes that I want to get rid of. They are more pronounced when wearing makeup. I recently had an... READ MORE

I'm 60 and am considering noninvasive procedures such as laser to firm my skin in neck and face areas.

My research has been mixed. Can you tell me how to choose which type of laser to consider? I've always had very good skin, but find the turkey neck an... READ MORE

Can anyone advise on what Plexr actually is, what type of treatment?

Apparently it is used for non-surgical blepharoplasty, but how safe is it and does it last? any side effects, risks? Thank you READ MORE

What type of laser or treatment recommended to scratch scar/ very shallow spot scars? (Photo)

So i have a few scratch marks (child) and also i have holes very shallow ones from when i broke out (never had acne) its been 10+ years the marks... READ MORE

What type of laser good for my case? (photo)

Hi I'm 32 I have one big brown spot on my face and a lots of small ones everywhere on my face, they are getting more and more. (Different Drs told me... READ MORE

Best laser for atrophied surgical scar? Recommendations of MDs who perform around Denver or as far as Albuquerque? (Photo)

I have a surgical scar in my inner canthis. It was originally hypertrophed but my plastic surg precisely injected a diluted Kenalog into it one time.... READ MORE

Which laser is the best for my case and will work for me? (Photo)

My left ear becomes very red from the dilation of the vessels every day, whether by heat, stress, ambient temperature or for no apparent reason. even... READ MORE

What type of laser would they have used to remove my freckles back in 1991?

I went to a vein center in 1991. they has a laser that used a pinpoint end, that they used on my freckles. it made them turn black, then scab over.... READ MORE

How to remove dark black spots on the face? Which type of laser treatment will be good for me?

Sir I have more black dark spots on the face and I want to get rid of these.Actually I have use more spots clear cream but,no any benefit of these.... READ MORE

What is the Laser Treatment Machine Called FA? Pros and Cons?

It is supposed to be a face treatment that improves the collagen and moves the dark spots and the wrinkles. I am 34 years old and my main problem is... READ MORE

Looking For More Information On The Mosaic Laser.

Why is there so little information on Real Self about Mosaic lasers? I see lots of questions asked, but no replies. What - more common - laser... READ MORE

Whats the Best Lazer for Sagging Underarm Skin

Exercise and diet have not helped and my age in 66 so there is sagging skin that I would like to tighten READ MORE

Do you recommend 3G Whisper Erbium laser to get rid of enlarged pores?

I am looking for a laser treatment to minimize pores on and around my nose. Is this type of laser recommended? I am considering getting two... READ MORE

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