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What is the Best Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

I have had 4-5 sessions of Laser Resurfacing, but I'm not satisfied...I have deep and tiny acne scars now I'm just fed up ..plz suggest me the... READ MORE

If the Time Between Laser Treatments Isn't Consistent, Does It Affect the Outcome?

I had 2 laser treatments done and then stopped, if I pick up again with more treatments will this affect the results since they haven't been... READ MORE

Swelling after Harmony laser for facial redness (Photo)

I had this treatment 3 days ago. I have a swelling under the eyes, worse on the right side. I have had cheek filler in these areas about 6 months ago.... READ MORE

Burn after Candela Alexandrite Lazer treatment. What are my treatment options? (photos)

I made Candela Alexandrite Lazer treatment 5 days ago and I have terrible burn. My doctor said that she made the treatment on 14 charge. She was also... READ MORE

IPL vs PDL vs ExcelV lasers for treating redness on face, neck, chest (photo)

3 different recommendations for redness on face, neck & chest. told it's not Rosacea but sun damage - broken blood vessels. Most severe on chest.... READ MORE

Smokers wrinkles

What is the best treatment to eliminate the vertical wrinkles above the lip? Do lasers work? READ MORE

Best laser treatment for type IV skin?

I was looking into laser genesis and the pearl fractional laser online as I wish to improve the texture of my skin but I'm concerned I will run into... READ MORE

What treatment will help with very fine lines on each side of the mouth? (Photos)

I'm 28 and I noticed that I have fine lines beside my mouth and they are a big source of contention for me. I'm looking for a treatment that would... READ MORE

I lasered my hairline a couple of times but regret it. Is there any treatment I can do to have my hairline grow back? (Photo)

I lasered my hairline a couple of times but then regreted it. My hairline looks very not natural . And I don't like it. I stopped lasering my hairline... READ MORE

Best radiofrequency or laser treatment for malar bag/festoon/midcheek groove?

I know the lower lid blepharoplasty and the fillers are the best to threat this, but my festoons are not that bad I think, sometimes it's like a line... READ MORE

No change yet-Is this normal? Also, will there be improvements in my scar in the future?

Palomar laser scar removal on breast lift/augmentation scars. I had laser on my scars one week ago. My scars were very red/pink before the laser... READ MORE

Can any laser treatment help to improve excess skin on top of the eyelids? (Photos)

I'm 43 years old and I've been dealing with extra skin in the upper eyelids, but lately I even can't curl my eyelashes because immediately they come... READ MORE

What is the Best treatment for facial fine lip lines, crows feet, etc.??? Is IPL or CO2 Fraxel better for these issues?

What's the best treatment or procedure for lines on face, neck, chest? Best treatment or procedure for Howell and loose neck skin? READ MORE

Can Dual Yellow Laser Can Remove Melasma?

Can Dual Yellow Laser Can Remove Melasma? READ MORE

Can I have Laser Treatment for Tyson glands?

I am thinking about getting this procedure done. I am looking for some one who has had it done. Mainly to see the side effects and how successful the... READ MORE

Can You Inform Me About The Laser Titán Treatment in Mexico City?

Can You Inform About Laser Titán Treatment in Mexico City? READ MORE

How to treat burn from Palomar 1540 laser?

2 years ago I had Palomar icon 1540 laser treatment. It left grid marks and lines and shiny burnt looking patches on my cheek. It was on the highest 3... READ MORE

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