Thin Skin + Laser Treatment

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Laser Vs Chemical Peel for Stretched & Saggy Lower Eyelid Skin After Juvederm Overfill

Further to my previous question about bags from Juvederm, I am now wondering what the best option is to address my stretched and saggy skin now that... READ MORE

What are the best laser treatments (face/neck) for freckles, excessive thinness and loss of elasticity? (Photo)

I had severe cystic acne in my teens. I took 3 acne meds before taking Accutane. Since then ... my skin has gotten VERY thin and lost it's elasticity.... READ MORE

Best treatment for prematurely aging arms and hands? (photos)

I'm 34 years old and spent way to much time in real and artificial sun in my younger years. My arms and hands now look significantly aged with crepey... READ MORE

Safest way to fix face with fat loss from bad laser?

I had horrible complications from laser treatments that thinned out my skin and melted all the fat in my face leaving it bony, gaunt, and hollow all... READ MORE

What topical steroid is appropriate to take away redness, but not thin the skin. Started laser treatment. (photos)

Just want to thank the Dr's who have taken their time to give an opinion. Really helps when you are frightened! READ MORE

Derm treatment for uneven skin tone, broken capillaries/tasia and thin skin on nose bridge and tip.

Wondering what treatments are possible to get even skin tone and reduce appearances of broken capillaries and possible hypopigmentation on tip and... READ MORE

With 2 weeks of downtime, what laser treatment would be best for my thin under eye skin? (photos)

Listened to filler lower eyelids to cheeks, multiple RF sessions; I've seen some results, but still unhappy. Getting under eye TCA peel... READ MORE

Laser for thin skin. Would I be a good candidate?

I am interested in rejuvenating the skin of my neck and d├ęcolletage. I am thinking of pearl fractional laser. I am a 50 y/o reformed sunbather and ... READ MORE

Best treatment for dark circles caused by veins? (photos)

Hello, I have very prominent dark circles. I treated the hollowness with fillers but the discoloration is still there. I beleive it is caused by the... READ MORE

Laser treatments for thin skin?

I am 25 and the skin on my face is very thin so I feel like lines and wrinkles are showing up faster then the average person my age. Are there any... READ MORE

I have enlarged veins and hyperpigmentation around eyes. Am I a candidate for laser therapy to reduce dark eye circles? (Photo)

Born with thin skin and enlarged veins on both upper and lower eye area causing extreme dark circles. Picture shows no makeup on left and makeup on... READ MORE

What can I do to help my thin skin and atrophy? It is so thin i think i am feeling the mesh

I had stomach surgery for a growth on my rectal stomach muscle. Alot of my muscle was removed and mesh put ontop. My scar is about 5 inches long and... READ MORE

What Laser treatment would you recommend for thin skin?

Dear doctors I'm 26 years old, but my skin looks older. It's thin and slightly loose with some vague signs of long lines around the mouth. I don't... READ MORE

Does anyone in London do laser for broken capillaries on the eyelid?

Hi, I have small red capillaries on my upper eye lid I would like to remove. I have already removed blue veins (with Laser) around the eye lid, but... READ MORE

Brown spots on hands. What's the best treatment?

I have had a few treatments, both laser and cold spray on my brown spots and they come back again after a few weeks. Is there any treatment modality... READ MORE

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