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Is Swelling Normal Under the Eyes After Laser Treatment and How Long Should It Last?

Is Swelling Normal Under the Eyes After Laser Treatment and How Long Should It Last? READ MORE

Prolonged Swelling After Laser Treatment

I am a 42 year old Asian woman and I had full facial MicroLaser Peel (20 micron depth) and 20% ProFractional Laser Resurfacing (200 micron depth) a... READ MORE

Had Laser Done 5 Days Ago, is Yellow Bruising and Slight Swelling Normal?

The doctor had to numb my face just below my eyes to do the procedure because of my tolerance to pain. The left side has gotten the bruise over the... READ MORE

How long does it take for swelling under the eyes from laser to reduce?

I had laser done under my eyes for dark circles, but the swelling under my eyes, and around my cheekbones (I have high cheekbones that start under my... READ MORE

Laser treatment on face for thread veins - reaction within 24 hours face swelled and blisters. Clinic said to use ice. (photos)

Hospital have given me steroids to reduce swelling as whole face including eyes are swollen badly. There is a lot of localised redness and blisters on... READ MORE

Laser correction for red under eye circles? (Photo)

I have very dark, red under eye circles. I have had Restylane put in the tear trough area, but I've been told my problem isn't a depression in that... READ MORE

How long will post Nd:yag swelling last? (Photo)

I had an Nd:yag treatment around my eyes 4 days ago. I had veins treated under and around my eyes. The first day I had very little swelling. Since... READ MORE

Swelling after Harmony laser for facial redness (Photo)

I had this treatment 3 days ago. I have a swelling under the eyes, worse on the right side. I have had cheek filler in these areas about 6 months ago.... READ MORE

What's the most effective laser procedure with least side effects for rolling acne scars? (photos)

On 6/4/16, I got a laser procedure called XD in Korea. The doctor also injected my blood into cheek area where the scars are most prominent. I didn't... READ MORE

6 months post Erbium laser to under eyes and moderate fat transfer to smooth skin. Still see some swelling - normal?

I do tend to hang onto swelling a bit longer than average but I'm wondering if it's normal or not to see some minor swelling (looks like light eye... READ MORE

How Long Will Swelling Last After Fractional CO2 Lasers?

Fractional CO2 lasers: how long does it take until swelling subsides? Please distinguish between general swelling and microswelling of the face! Thank... READ MORE

Could the laser genesis I had then the fillers straight after of caused this problem and cooked them ? (photos)

I had laser genesis then had fillers my face swelled up like elephant man I had to have kenalog injections as was so bad well that what the doctor... READ MORE

Can Erbium Laser Treatment of the Face Cause Submandibular Gland Swelling?

Had an erbium fractional laser and the next day woke up with moderate amount of jaw swelling, which has been unchanged for 2 days. I have been... READ MORE

How long does swelling last after laser treatment? (Photo)

I m thinking to have laser treatment as I have many spots on my face . READ MORE

Had 2nd treatment this past Friday. 1st treatment went great, 2nd at different laser w/ higher setting. Any suggestion? (photo)

I went to have laser treatment, this was my second treatment this past friday. Immediately after I felt a burning sensation and swelling. My face felt... READ MORE

How to recover from swelling after laser treatment of arteriovenous malformation ? (Photo)

Hi All, I have a medium sized artri-venous malformation inside my upper lip (some Drs. also called it hemangeoma). I underwent to a long pulsed ND Yag... READ MORE

Cheek swelling 9 months after laser to under eye and cheek area?

I had laser performed under my eyes and over my cheek areas. 9 months on my cheeks are still enlarged which looks like fluid retention. Will this ever... READ MORE

Is this normal and will this close on its own?? Belly button laser after umbilical hernia surgery to remove redness. (photo)

I had my belly button lasered on Sept. 20 at my surgeons office because after my May 2015 umbilical hernia repair, the inside of the belly button was... READ MORE

Please help - I seem to have really bad scarring after PLEXR treatment. (photos)

Hi , I had a Plexr treatment about 18 days ago and following the most painful swelling and crusty eyes for 9 days I am now left with very uneven and... READ MORE

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