Sunburn + Laser Treatment

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Affirm Multiplex and Permanent Fillers?

I have some injected permanent fillers (silicone). Am I a good candidate for an Affirm Multiplex laser treatment or is it dangerous? Can I have it on... READ MORE

Got Sunburned 6 Days Before Laser Treatment for Small Patches of Broken Cappillaries on Bridge of Nose/under my Right Eye

I am 25 year old male with olive skin and I am tan right now from being sunburned a week ago. Still experiencing mild peeling on my face, but I am... READ MORE

I'm on day three of recovery after a deka dot treatment. There are red bumps that look like acne on my face. Is this normal?

I am curious if on day three of deka dot recovery, if it is normal to have acne looking bumps all over your face (in particular the forehead, of which... READ MORE

When using lasers to remove sunburn on a surgical scar do doctors use trial and error to determine what laser should be used?

Remove sunburn that simply wont go away? on this forum different doctors have given different opinions but most have suggested the use of a laser... READ MORE

Will these lasers​ leave the skin as though mederma spf30 had been used in the first place or not?

Regardless of what lasers could be used to remove skin pigmentation due to sunburn like fraxel or proyellow, will these lasers leave the skin as... READ MORE

If different doctors are suggesting different lasers for the same exact skin condition, how do I know which laser to use?

Go with then? im confused here..... how do i know which laser will give me the very best results for the type of sunburn that i have on a surgical... READ MORE

Is blistering normal? How long does the "sunburnt" phase really take to fully heal? (Photo)

I received Fotona 4D laser treatment 4 days ago. When I had the procedure done, I let the RN know that I had to return to work, so I couldn't do all... READ MORE

How do I remove this bump on my nose? (Photos)

I have had this bump on my nose since I was 8 years old. At first it was a spot and I kept picking it (as kids do) and then I got very sunburnt on my... READ MORE

Other than the fraxel laser, what other laser/non laser treatment could remove a tiny sunburn spot on the cheek?

Area? i had a tiny birthmark removed from my right cheek and didnt use a special cream/lotion called mederma spf 30 or something like that and went... READ MORE

How does the xeo cutera laser work in comparison to other lasers as far as removing facial veins, sunburns on surgical scars?

Ect....? would the xeo cutera laser machine be just as good as the fraxel, ipl, pico, v beam, ect... lasers? would it be up to a doctor discretion to... READ MORE

Between the United States and Western Europe, who is more advanced when it comes to dermatological science, medical technology?

Technology as far as using lasers and lights to remove sunburn, facial veins, rosacea, acne, ect...... or are both comparable when it comes to such... READ MORE

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