Stretch Marks + Laser Treatment

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Laser Treatment or Chemical Peels for Buttocks?

I have scars, stretch marks and pigmentation on my hips. My buttocks appear very dark as compared to the color of the rest of my body. I'm so... READ MORE

Which Laser is Better for Improving the Appearance of Stretch Marks ?

I would like to improve the appearance of some old, white stretch marks that I have on my thighs and hips. I went to 2 places that use different... READ MORE

How Much Would Laser Treatment for Pregnancy Stretch Marks Cost?

In a small area around my belly button.. I would say the stretch marks are pretty light READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Treat 7 Stretch Marks with the Excimer Laser on the Breast?

Or if its too expensif, is it lessexpensif the less you treat stretch marks, if i treat only 4 stretch marks is it gonna be cheaper, or its the same... READ MORE

Is there a laser therapy that can help with loose skin/wrinkled skin as well as stretch marks? (photos)

I provided my front view of abdomen, after significant weight loss/3 pregnancies. The wrinkles crease from the old stretch marks (a lot of them). I am... READ MORE

Will a Regimen of Tretinoin and Laser Treatments Help my Stretch Marks? (photo)

I had a consultation for fractional co2 laser resurfacing treatments for my stretch marks. My marks are over 10 years old. They're deep, white, and... READ MORE

How much is laser treatment to fade stretch marks? (photos)

Silver/white stretch marks covering alot of the back of my legs READ MORE

How much would it cost to have the laser treatment? Is there any financial help? (Photo)

I just had my son 2 months ago and the scars are pretty reddish/purple. I have pictures of the stomach and side view, but not of the thighs. READ MORE

Does This New Device Scarlet Rf Really Completely Remove Stretch Marks?

The institude told me that they can give me a writter guarantee for 100% removal and that if theyr not completely removed after 5 sessions they ll do... READ MORE

Treatment for Stretch Marks, Scars, and Pigmentation on Hips and Buttocks?

My entire buttocks and hips have stretch marks, scars, and dark pimentation. This problem has been existent since my puberty days. The skin on this... READ MORE

Do Laser Treatments Really Work for Stretch Marks?

If laser treatments really work for stretch marks, how many treatments will it take? I have two babies, and due to my pregnancy, I have gotton... READ MORE

Stretch Mark Removal/Fading For African Americans (Photos)

I am a Black female who would like to fade/remove stretchmarks on my butt and thigh area. I've had them since I was 8 and my sisters jokingly call me... READ MORE

Thoughts on Starlux 1540 for Stretch Marks?

I recently read a news article titled "A promising new treatment for stretch marks," featuring the Starlux device. I know they can never be... READ MORE

Are There Any Laser Skin Treatments for Breasts?

After having my son and breastfeeding, my breasts developed some stretch marks on the skin right by my cleavage. I am wondering if there are any Laser... READ MORE

Best Laser for New Stretch Marks from Pregnancy?

What is the best laser for new stretch marks from pregnancy? I'm a fair-skinned female. Thanks. READ MORE

What can be used on black skin for stretch marks, cellulite, uneven skin tone & acne scars?

I am black with stretch marks, cellulite, uneven skin tone & acne scars that I want removed completely. I was thinking about laser treatments as I... READ MORE

Roughly how much would it cost to get my stretch marks treated via lasers? (photos)

I am 19 and had my daughter 6 months ago. I was left with stretchmarks on my thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and hips. My main concern though is the ones... READ MORE

Erbium laser for stretch marks. Is it effective?

Hi, I had 1 session erbium laser fo stretch marks exactly 1 month ago and I had some pink colour and dark spots on my arm after 4 weeks so I consult... READ MORE

Looking for a Real Laser Cure for Mild Lose Skin?

Hello, I have a small issue. My weight has yo yo between 20lbs in my life. I am 40 now and I look decent the problem is a see tinny folds of lose skin... READ MORE

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