Spider Veins + Laser Treatment

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Age Spots Worse After Initial Laser Treatments - Stop or Will Get Better?

I have had two of the six scheduled treatments for age spots and broken capillaries on my face with Fontona's Nd:YAG laser. Fotona calls this their... READ MORE

Spider Angioma on Face, Can I Laser It While Nursing?

I was referred to another doctor after having three treatments, but I am pregnant now and was told to wait because the hormones can effect my... READ MORE

I still have bruising and scarring 3.5 months after laser treatment for spider veins on my legs. Any suggestions?

Hello, I had treatment done 3.5 months ago. I had 3 blisters that have now turned into stubborn scars. I also STILL have bruising (2 clusters) in... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Spider Veins

I want laser treatment for my small area of spider veins because I am afraid of needles. But the more I research, the more confused and concerned I am... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about spots of blood under skin after Q-switch laser? (Photo)

A few days ago I went in for a Q-switch laser treatment for my very dark circles and the doctor did a small test, and although it cleared up the... READ MORE

How to treated indented scars or pinkish red scars (like "raw skin") caused by laser treatments?

I've had couple laser treatments for my face spider veins and dark spots. Im asian female, and have a fair skin. In two of the spots I got laser done... READ MORE

Which laser treatment for hyperpigmentation or should I wait? (photos)

I'm a 30yr old asian female, I've gotten several laser treatments done for spider veins on my face, after the last treatment (about a month ago), I... READ MORE

Is this normal after laser treatment for spider veins in ankles? (Photos)

I had laser therapy on my ankles for spider veins three weeks ago . So far the areas actually look worse? These areas were treated with the "... READ MORE

The new QuadroStar Pro Yellow Laser for broken capillaries / spider veins, after having tried many other types of laser

15 years ago, I had fat injections in my nasolabial folds. The injection caused a few broken blood vessels. I have since tried IPL, YAG, Diode and... READ MORE

I have had laser treatment on my legs for spider veins and a few larger veins. I am very happy with the results. Advice?

Can laser treatment cause the circulation to redistribute itself to other parts of the lower extremities? I'm seeing veins pop out that weren't there... READ MORE

4 days ago had laser treatment for spider veins on both legs. Burn concerns. (Photos)

I am concerned that I may have been burned. Is this a normal appearance after treatment? Should I be concerned? If so will this cause a scar? Is this... READ MORE

Laser treatment for staining after sclerotherapy. (photos)

I have staining and left over spider veins, after 2 rounds of scheleropathy last November. Is there anything that I can do to get rid of this? I've... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for spider veins left blisters and bruises? (photos)

Hello, I had laser treatment for spider veins 4 months ago. I am attaching pictures of the problem, per Dr. Elmer's suggestion. I had 3 blisters that... READ MORE

What can I do to reverse facial and cheek fat loss or fat atrophy resulting from a too-aggressive spider vein laser treatment?

This is a follow-up to my question: What can I do to reverse dents in my cheeks and scarring sustained after too aggressive vein laser treatment on my... READ MORE

PRP and fat grafting after getting spider veins lasered off?

I had laser treatment for the spider veins around my lower eye area on the 10th October this year and I have a PRP and fat grafting appointment... READ MORE

Is the same technique used for the removal of spider veins and stretch marks?

In the next few weeks, I was thinking of getting my spider veins lasered off of my thighs. The clinic I am going to charges an hour of laser treatment... READ MORE

Can I get laser treatment for spider veins on my face a year after I have recovered from an arterial blockage from lip filler?

Last year in october i had lipfiller and the plastic surgeon injected me in the artery. My face was all spots on my nose and around my mouth. Thank... READ MORE

Correct type of laser for spider veins?

I had EVLT for varicose veins. I had sclerotherapy for spider veins. Now I have super tiny veins. 1-What machine/laser is good for clearing that up?... READ MORE

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