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Regenlite For Scarring, Rough Skin Texture and Redness and Broken Capillaries?

I was recommended by a well-renowned Dermatologist to have four sessions with this laser - for scarring, rough skin texture and facial redness/broken... READ MORE

How can I get clear skin, great texture, and get rid of redness, without using any Lasers?

Hi, I've heard all the horror stories with lasers. I'm looking for an alternative to get rid of freckles, sun damage, get clearer skin and overall... READ MORE

Had Matrix Ir Test on Chin and Left Pattern of Pore Images

Had matrix ir laser test on chin, it has been three weeks and it appears to have left pattern of small pores and the texture is worse than ever.It has... READ MORE

Treatment options for various problems under my eyes. Syringoma, prominent blue vein, puffy eye bags, skin texture. (Photo)

I am 63, Hypothyroid & have under eye issues. I think the bumps are Syringoma, and multiply quite rapidly. I have a very prominent varicose type blue... READ MORE

What can I do to fix this laser damage? (photos)

Doctors, Please help. My skin was destroyed by a Gemini laser treatment as you can see in the picture. I was left with this horrible skin texture. It... READ MORE

What is the best laser/procedure to reduce pore size, tighter skin and improve the overall texture of the skin? (photos)

I'm 37 years old and have always had large pores, but feel as if the have become more noticible with age and I'm really unhappy with the texture of my... READ MORE

Itching and Tram Lines 3 Weeks After Smart Dot, How To Correct This?

Had a second smartdot this time i have itching and tram lines left on my neck,also my skin feels like sandpaper ,when i look close under a good light... READ MORE

Help with crepey skin on neck. Microneedling? Lasers? Topical treatments? (photos)

I will be 40 this year. I have good skin overall. I do not drink, smoke or tan. I have been diligent about sun protection and have little to no... READ MORE

Laser pattern marks on face?

I was given a way too aggressive Session on Gemini laser. 10 weeks later the texture of my skin has changed dramatically (Lined, crepey, rough) and I... READ MORE

Which laser is recommended for rejuvenation of mature skin?

Which laser is recommended for rejuvenation of mature skin? I want to improve texture, crows feet, sagging jaw, wrinkles and some redness. I have had... READ MORE

Best laser treatment for type IV skin?

I was looking into laser genesis and the pearl fractional laser online as I wish to improve the texture of my skin but I'm concerned I will run into... READ MORE

Rough facial skin. What can I do to improve the texture?

I've noticed lately that my facial skin just doesn't have any smoothness anymore. No matter how much cream I use, the texture just feels dry. I tried... READ MORE

Do all lasers leave patterns on your face?

I was considering getting some type of laser treatment on my face to refine the texture and reduce pores, but after reading about some of the bad... READ MORE

What are different types of Lasers used to improve skin texture?

Wondering what my options are. I am not looking for anything crazy that is going to cause me to stay inside for 10 days and swell up!!! I am looking... READ MORE

What can I do to make my pores smaller and fix the texture of my skin? (Photos)

Any suggestions to help my issues with aging would be greatly appreciated READ MORE

Best Solution for Rough Skin and Enlarged Pores?

I am a 28-year-old female with a fair skin. I'm looking to find the best solution for enlarged pores and rough skin texture. I saw a dermatologist... READ MORE

Best Laser to Improve Skin Texture from Sun Damage?

I'm considering a Micro Laser Peel, Photodynamic Therapy, or V Beam. Which is the best to improve skin texture from sun damage? Thanks! READ MORE

eMax SRA Common Settings- I've Been Left With Bad Skin Texture,

Dear Doctors: I had Emax with the SRA head and my face has been wrinkling ever since with hyperpigmentation and texture changes (orange peel like... READ MORE

How long after Erbium Yag fractional laser should you wait to do micropen for laser damage? (Photo)

I had erbium yag on my chin 3 months ago for some rolling scars from acne and the texture is SO much worse and I have a dent from where the laser... READ MORE

Line down cheek that looks like a scar. Would any laser treatments help smooth the texture? (Photo)

I have a a couple lines from my eye to cheek that are raised and almost look like a scar. I am not sure what they are. I am wondering if any laser... READ MORE

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