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What Frequency/settings Should the Q Switch Laser Be at to Remove Nevus Of Ota Around Eye? (photo)

I have been treated few times on my right eye which i have blueish skin color on top eyelid and black spots right under my lower eye lid. i have been... READ MORE

Why isn't laser working? Very stubborn sunspots. Is it possible no laser can remove them?

I've had many q switch and gentlemax treatments. My sunspots have not gone away. I am receiving treatments with low settings bc I received a terrible... READ MORE

ICON XD laser settings for collagen stimulation.

For the 1540 laser using the XD tip. for skin type 3, what is typical fluence settings for collagen stimulation and how many passes full face treatment? READ MORE

Lasers - scar tissue or collagen?

Some people's laser experience is disastrous and they claim lasers produce scar tissue and collagen destruction. Others' are success stories. What's... READ MORE

What setting on BBL is safe for Asian skin pigmentation issues? (Photo)

I have lots of spots on my face from the sun and age spots as well. I would love to get rid of them but I am afraid of hyper or hypo pigmentation. I... READ MORE

The new QuadroStar Pro Yellow Laser for broken capillaries / spider veins, after having tried many other types of laser

15 years ago, I had fat injections in my nasolabial folds. The injection caused a few broken blood vessels. I have since tried IPL, YAG, Diode and... READ MORE

Patent and copyright of laser settings?

Ideal Image claims they have a patent and copyright of the laser settings that others can't use. That's why they have better results. The laser they... READ MORE

eMax SRA Common Settings- I've Been Left With Bad Skin Texture,

Dear Doctors: I had Emax with the SRA head and my face has been wrinkling ever since with hyperpigmentation and texture changes (orange peel like... READ MORE

Second Treatment Smartdot Laser DIdn't Give The Results I Wanted, When Can I Get Next Treatment? (photo)

Second treatment smartxide dot with setting 18 stacking 4 on wrinkles with 2 passes can someone tell me if this is a aggressive treatment as i do not... READ MORE

Smartdot What Does Stacking Mean and if Dots Are Closer Does This Mean a More Aggresive Treatment?

I have had a second smartdot treatment with stacking on 4 and 3 do not no what that means also can someone explain if the dots are closer does this... READ MORE

How to treat burn from Palomar 1540 laser?

2 years ago I had Palomar icon 1540 laser treatment. It left grid marks and lines and shiny burnt looking patches on my cheek. It was on the highest 3... READ MORE

Can PIH from a laser burn (Alex) be removed with low energy laser?

I got nice results from the Alex setting laser the first time on low settings. On the third treatment I received some burns which resulted in PIH. I... READ MORE

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