Sensitive Skin + Laser Treatment

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What Can I Use to Get Completely Rid of my Broken Capillaires?!

I have huge broken capillaires on my face and a big red dot of them on my cheek, I hate them and don't feel comfortable with myself, I have been told... READ MORE

Do you recommend laser pigmentation removal for post inflammatory pigmentation on inner thighs? What do you recommend?

Hi, I have hyperpigmentation on my inner thighs, likely from burning them on a hot surface. It's gotten worse w/chemical peels. I tried hydroquinone... READ MORE

Which treatment should I get for my facial skin?

I am an asian and I have light skin tone with very sensitive skin / oily skin and large pores and indented acne scars. very uneven looking like dull... READ MORE

Laser for sun damage on scalp (I'm bald/shaved)? (Photos)

Hello; this august I serverly damaged my sculp with a sunburn: i now ave a) teleangectasia + 'red spots' on the forehead (see pictures) b)... READ MORE

What laser would be best to use on broken capillaries on chin? (photo)

Hello, I have some broken capillaries/blood vessels on my chin. While contained in a small area, they are still somewhat dark against my... READ MORE

What's the best, effective method to remove freckles on medium-light, Asian skin? IPL? laser? (photos)

I'm a 24 years old Asian girl with small, brown (some dark brown) freckles on my nose, upper cheeks, and lips as well as slight uneven skin tone... READ MORE

Best laser treatment for white/textured scar? (Photo)

I had a TCA peel a couple years ago that resulted in a 3rd degree burn. After healing, I was left with a white hypertrophic scar. The scar's height... READ MORE

How to get free from pores, blackheads and acne? Laser treatment or medicine?

Effective area are nose and cheek. oily and sensitive skin. i want to clear my face because it cause so many things like low confident ...... so need... READ MORE

Alexandrite Laser for Fair Skinned, Easily Burned Irish/German - for Getting Rid of Freckles?

I am fair skinned, burn easy. Lots of face freckles. Recently I had IPL with the Sciton Joule laser, 515 filter for freckles.I paid $400 for 1 session... READ MORE

How to Ease Pain of Laser Treatment on Sensitive Skin?

Thermage, Refirm and any laser treatment is painful. Any suggestion to reduce pain for very sensitive skin? I had done Mixto lazer for my scars. Even... READ MORE

Recommendation For Aft Treatment on Chest For Sensitive, Fair Skin?

I recently had a bad reaction to something, leaving my chest super red for 2 months and as a result the capillaries on my upper chest/lower neck were... READ MORE

Any Specific Lasers That Are Safer to Use with Extremely Sensitive Skin (Burnt?) Under the Eyes?

I want to get laser resurfacing around my eyes for wrinkles, however, I have already had lower blepharoplasty and my skin feels very sensitive and... READ MORE

What Skin Whitening Cream is Recommended for Very Sensitive Fair Skin? I Need to Lighten Hyperpigmentation from Palomar Emerge.

I had a Palomar Emerge treatment done to half of my face 2 and a half months ago which has left hyperpigmentation all along my top lip where the laser... READ MORE

KTP Laser and Skin Sensitivity?

After my first ktp laser for broken capillaries in 2011, my skin was awesome (faired well in the sun with sunscreen, no problems with makeup,... READ MORE

Do lasers have the same effect and end results on all faces?

Irregardless of the thickness and type of skin, given it is at a low setting, is it IMPOSSIBLE to have side effects/damage when the lowest setting is... READ MORE

Venus Viva laser set too low?

I had my first Venus Viva treatment yesterday and am concerned the setting was too low. Most redness was gone in just a few hours and I have no... READ MORE

Can people with super sensitive skin and eczema get laser treatment?

I have highly sensitive skin that reacts badly to even the most gentle of products so I basically am unable to use anything on my face I have been... READ MORE

What is up with my skin? Which laser if any will help? (photos)

So as you can see I have very fair skin that is senstive but I have this random ring around my mouth and under my nose. I am not sure if this is... READ MORE

Icon 1540 instead of vascular laser-, and ipl/yag complications. Do advice, please.

In 2015 I had 3 sessions Palomar icon 1540 the PS I went to said was vascular to treat Rosacea. I've had huge problems with rosacea since then&... READ MORE

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