Scarring + Laser Treatment

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Regenlite For Scarring, Rough Skin Texture and Redness and Broken Capillaries?

I was recommended by a well-renowned Dermatologist to have four sessions with this laser - for scarring, rough skin texture and facial redness/broken... READ MORE

I still have bruising and scarring 3.5 months after laser treatment for spider veins on my legs. Any suggestions?

Hello, I had treatment done 3.5 months ago. I had 3 blisters that have now turned into stubborn scars. I also STILL have bruising (2 clusters) in... READ MORE

Help! Is this the normal healing process after strong Aerolase laser treatment? (photo)

I had an Aerolase laser facial last Thursday. I have a wide scarred pore hole/ice pick in the center of my nose that gets clogged w/oil and has been... READ MORE

Will this laser burn heal/ or leave scarring on my chin? (photos)

I had laser done on my face four weeks. End of the session I was left with a hard dark coloured chin. The beautician told me to apply aloe Vera gel on... READ MORE

Would laser be effective to treat scarring and laxity of face or can diet alone replace face fat? (photos)

I am considering laser treatment for my face.Due to alot of stress and a rough period the past 18 months I feel it has shown in my face and I am only... READ MORE

What topical ointment to apply after laser?

After laser to remove brown spots, what should you use on your face/scabs and what should you use after the spots flake off to reduce chances of... READ MORE

Could laser treatment or microdermabrasion restore pigmentation and reduce the scarring on toes of an African American? (Photo)

After years of wearing poorly fitted shoes I have hideous scars/bumps on my toes that lack pigmentation. I use makeup to conceal but I need a... READ MORE

I need advice for a bad reaction to a laser treatment. What can I do to soothe my skin?

Please help! I had a laser procedure done about 8 months ago and my skin is having a really bad reaction. It burnt my skin, I have tiny scars all over... READ MORE

Would the scar on my face continue to improve for the next few months after having an erbium laser treatment? (Photo)

I had an erbium laser done a week ago, but I did not see much improvement after the treatment. I noticed the scarring is less visible 2 days after... READ MORE

My skin was not cooled after laser, can this cause problems?

On my 4th laser treatment I was treated on the highest level level 5 palomar Emerge fractional laser 1410nm. I have scars (white thickened lines the... READ MORE

Laser Treatments That Give Better Results Than Palomar Laser?

I have an ethnic background of mixed origin (African American and Caucasian) and I tend to hyperpigment easily from breakouts. I recently did a series... READ MORE

What can be done after skin atrophy and scarring after topical steroid use? (photo)

I was given a lightening cream for my face that was compounded by well-known dermatologist here in Toronto. She told me to use it for 90 days on my... READ MORE

Do Skin Lasers Cause Fiberblast? Could This Be the Reason Some Experience Scarring After Laser Treatments?

Could an overactive immune system cause scarring after laser? Trying to find a reason why some have scarring after treatment with lasers? My scars are... READ MORE

I have blisters the day after KTP laser on facial telangiectasias. Please advise on proper care so I can avoid scarring.

Also, how long should I wait for round 2 on the same telangiectasias? Is blistering common? What should I expect in the next few weeks as far as... READ MORE

How Much Time Does It Take for my Scar to Be Healed After Laser Treatment?

It's 8 days that I had laser treatment on a small scar above my upper lip and I don't know what type of laser the doctor used but now my scar... READ MORE

Treatment for Mild Acne, Large Pores and Mild/minimal Scarring?

What treatment would you recommend for mild acne and large pores? I have quite an oily t-zone with blackheads and very slight scars (just mild... READ MORE

Laser burn from q-switch? Or regular side effect? Fastest way to heal this and prevent scarring? (Photo)

I get q-switch monthly for melasma w/o side effects. Today when doc started, there was a loud snap. By the time the treatment was done with, I had two... READ MORE

Laser burn, can this be fixed? (photo)

Hi I've been burnt by a laser while having laser vein removal. I have red pigmentation and scarring. I have been back to the clinic and unfortunately... READ MORE

Please help - I seem to have really bad scarring after PLEXR treatment. (photos)

Hi , I had a Plexr treatment about 18 days ago and following the most painful swelling and crusty eyes for 9 days I am now left with very uneven and... READ MORE

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