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Is Qswitch Safe and Effective? What All Does It Do?

I want to learn about the Qswitch laser treatment, what it can accomplish, how safe it is and if any adverse reactions are reported? READ MORE

How Do You Protect Eyes from Lasers when Treating Loose Eyelid Skin?

I see many posts about how fraxel (or other lasers) can help loose skin around the eyes. When I went for my first treatment, they put eye patches over... READ MORE

After Laser Burn is Dermamelan Good?

I had laser burn 45days back and now i am left post inflametory hyperpigmentation,how can i get rid of it . is using dermamelan safe at this time or... READ MORE

How Safe Are Different Types of Lasers?

I've read scores of reviews from patients who have suffered scars, milia, leathery skin, burns and laser imprints for years after their procedure.... READ MORE

Can a Non Ablative Laser Damage the Epidermis (Of a Patients Skin)?

If a non ablative lasers energy is too high then would the thermal threshold of the epidermis be surpassed leading to slight/ mild epidermal damage... READ MORE

My 26-yr. Old Daughter Wants an Arcus Margenalis Release W/fat Graft

Using laser surgery to be done in the Boston area at a cost of ~ $7500. I'm concerned that there will be long terms effects later in life and that... READ MORE

Are lasers safe to work on the tip of the glans, near the uretha?

I have these small bumps on the head of my penis. At first I thought they were PPP but I have never heard of them on the tip of the glans. Are they... READ MORE

Is summer okay to have laser treatment?

I was told that I can not have laser treatment in summer, and need to wait winter. Also, I must have lightening cream pre laser for pigmentation since... READ MORE

Safest way to fix face with fat loss from bad laser?

I had horrible complications from laser treatments that thinned out my skin and melted all the fat in my face leaving it bony, gaunt, and hollow all... READ MORE

How Effective is Laser Tight Treatment?

My doctor recommended Laser Tight to remove bags under my eyes and to tighten the skin; and to use same procedure to remove and tighten fat under chin... READ MORE

What is Best and Safest for Skin Tightening and Acne Scarring?

What is the best laser tightening treatment for a person age 25 with a thin face who just needs a little lift? I would also love to get rid of some... READ MORE

Are Laser Treatments Safe for Pregnant Women?

I am a medical esthetician. Is it safe to perform laser services on pregnant women? READ MORE

Is it safe enough to use plastic eye shield during q switched laser therapy around the eye?

I used qswitch laser therapy for pigmentation around the eye . I had pigmentations on both side of my face , on my inferior orbial rim . The eye... READ MORE

Does Laser Treatment Hurt While Being Done?

I will be getting a laser treatment for the skin under my eyes. I am 51 years old and have fine lines, wrinkles, and some darkness under my eyes. How... READ MORE

IPL or Other Laser Treatment over Restylane?

Can IPL or any Laser procedure be performed over Restylane? READ MORE

Is 'New Eyes' Laser from 'Eyecos' a safe option to brighten the eyes color?

Is New Eyes Eyecos Laser a safe option to brighten eye color? I believe it is only done in Spain for the moment. Is this correct? READ MORE

Spectra Lutronic 532nm: is it safe and effective for large pores?

Hello there, I find it a bit hard to find enough info on the spectra 532nm treatments. I love the before/after photos I found, but I've been advised... READ MORE

Is the DIODE Laser Safe for if You Have New Lenses in Your Eyes from Cataract Surgery?

I just recently purchased a PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser Kit. I want to know if it is safe if I have new lenses in my eyes, because of Cataract... READ MORE

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