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Possible Sweat Gland Damage After Laser Treatments

I had a full facial MicroLaser Peel (20 micron depth) and 20% ProFractional Laser Resurfacing (200 micron depth) done 16 days ago. I'm worried that... READ MORE

Removal of Breast Augmentation Scars Using Laser?

Is laser removal of a scar from breast augmentation performed a year ago possible? The scar was supposed to be placed in the breast fold, but the... READ MORE

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Sciton Laser?

What would be the potential side effects of Sciton Profractional Laser, and the worst case if something went wrong with it? Thank you. READ MORE

Can Lasers Cause Damage to DNA?

I am very concerned about the fractional lasers.  I have heard that any laser can cause DNA damage. Have you heard anything about this? What are... READ MORE

Is Laser Treatment Dangerous with Persons with Type One Diabetes at 79?

Is laser treatment dangerous for persons with type one diabetes , age 79? READ MORE

Does Repeat Laser Treatments Pose Greater Scarring Risks?

Is there a danger of "over-lasering" with going through several laser treatments over the years? I'd love an MD's opinion on how much... READ MORE

Can You Ever Have Too Many Laser Treatments?

I know someone who has been getting a Pearl laser treatment every January and then a series of Laser Genesis every spring. She's been doing that... READ MORE

Can a Non Ablative Laser Damage the Epidermis (Of a Patients Skin)?

If a non ablative lasers energy is too high then would the thermal threshold of the epidermis be surpassed leading to slight/ mild epidermal damage... READ MORE

I Had Brazillian Laser Treatment While I Was 3-4 Weeks Pregnant. Can This Harm the Fetus?

I didnt know I was pregnant at the time of the treatment. I am very nervous that it had an affect on the development. READ MORE

Repairing my skin with Sciton Dual Erbium laser. Am I taking a risk having a laser used on my face again?

If there is a laser MD out there who can answer my question, PLEASE do so. 4 years ago, my skin was damaged by the Cutera Pearl Fractional laser.... READ MORE

My 26-yr. Old Daughter Wants an Arcus Margenalis Release W/fat Graft

Using laser surgery to be done in the Boston area at a cost of ~ $7500. I'm concerned that there will be long terms effects later in life and that... READ MORE

Got Sunburned 6 Days Before Laser Treatment for Small Patches of Broken Cappillaries on Bridge of Nose/under my Right Eye

I am 25 year old male with olive skin and I am tan right now from being sunburned a week ago. Still experiencing mild peeling on my face, but I am... READ MORE

What's the best treatament for Sebaceous hyperplasia? I have dark skin

I have sebaceous hyperplasia mostly on my nose/chin and I have dark skin (African American) and I've tried accutane, retin-a, electrocautery, radio... READ MORE

Do Cosmetic Lasers Penetrate Through the Dermis? Isn't This Where Second Degree Burns Occur?

I'm reading that lasers don't go that deep, yet sebaceous glands, hair follicles, etc...are located in the dermis level. According to burn... READ MORE

What Are the Benefits and Risks of CoolTouch?

Can someone advise on what the benefits and risks are of doing CoolTouch? READ MORE

Is Laser Treatment for Dark Circles Risk-free?

I am a 22-year-old female and I have dark circles for last 3 years. I'm really fed up and want to get rid of them. Will laser treatment get... READ MORE

Tretinoin Microsphere Gel During Fractional Laser Treatments?

I have been using Neocutis Blanche 4%HQ and would like to start using Tretinoin Microsphere Gel. Can I use these while having Fractional Laser? I just... READ MORE

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