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What do you know about the new Halo laser treatment by Sciton? Is this something I should consider having instead of Fraxel?

What is the difference between the two? What will I look like after? What type of results can I expect, and how much does it cost? How many will I need? READ MORE

CO2 Laser Five and a Half Months After Accutane?

I am due to have CO2 laser on February 10. This will be 5 months and 2 weeks since finishing the generic version of Accutane. I told the dermatologist... READ MORE

Droopy Left Eye After Lasering Under Eye Veins

Hello, 3 months ago I tried to have my bluish undereye veins removed using Cutera CoolGlide by an experienced dermatologist after advice I received on... READ MORE

Citrine Treatment, Co2 Laser and Qswitch. What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Hi, i've done mi first treatment with this combined technology, and i'd like to know what can I expect regarding results. I'm a little confused cause... READ MORE

Can Light Therapy Be Used After Botox Injections?

Or, will it conflict with the product? I've just recently had Botox injection, and am considering light therapy also. I would like to see if Light... READ MORE

If the Time Between Laser Treatments Isn't Consistent, Does It Affect the Outcome?

I had 2 laser treatments done and then stopped, if I pick up again with more treatments will this affect the results since they haven't been... READ MORE

IPL vs PDL vs ExcelV lasers for treating redness on face, neck, chest (photo)

3 different recommendations for redness on face, neck & chest. told it's not Rosacea but sun damage - broken blood vessels. Most severe on chest.... READ MORE

Best aggressive Laser Treatment for my deep lip wrinkles and cheek wrinkles? (photos)

Hello. I have a fair amount of sun damage and seek the most aggressive laser treatment. The amount of recovery time is not important - results are! I... READ MORE

What setting on BBL is safe for Asian skin pigmentation issues? (Photo)

I have lots of spots on my face from the sun and age spots as well. I would love to get rid of them but I am afraid of hyper or hypo pigmentation. I... READ MORE

Non surgical procedure to remove stubborn face fat and improve side view. Want a natural contoured look. (photos)

I want something that's going to slim down and also give a tight chiseled look to my face and then same for my chin and neck looking for something... READ MORE

Most effective laser or procedure for tightening?

I work in the medical aesthetics industry- thus can't show pictures. I have been privy to much debate about the best procedure/laser for full face... READ MORE

What treatment will help with very fine lines on each side of the mouth? (Photos)

I'm 28 and I noticed that I have fine lines beside my mouth and they are a big source of contention for me. I'm looking for a treatment that would... READ MORE

Does the Palovia at Home Laser Work?

Does the Palovia at Home Laser Work and Can It Be Used in Other Areas Besides the Eyes? READ MORE

Realistic Expectations from Laser Treatment for Acne Scars?

What kind of realistic results should patients expect with laser treatment for acne scars? About how much percentage of acne scarring reduction can be... READ MORE

How to Take Care of the Skin After Laser Treatments?

After having the laser treatments, what is the best way to mantain the results longer? READ MORE

What is Tixel laser? Is it as good as SmartXide?

I have had one SmartXide laser treatment. My surgeon has said that Tixel will give me the same results without the down time. My area of concern is... READ MORE

What is the difference between Pearl and Dot laser treatment? (photo)

I'm a 31 yo mom who has had beautiful skin until after my second child. My skin is clear after 5 mos but am left to handle the aftermath. One doc... READ MORE

Are there any laser clinics in UK or my area in west Yorkshire that treat hemosiderin on the face with QP switched lasers?

Had fillers on my mouth corners in the past and they hit blood vessels resulting in a brownish greenish stain under my skin (hemosiderin) had it for... READ MORE

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