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Which Laser Treatment is Best for Facial Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening?

I am planning on having skin resurfacing done. I am 45 with lax skin and a few acne scars, jowls. My goal is skin tightening (within reason), skin... READ MORE

Is There a Laser That Will Give Facial Rejuvination As Well As Treat Minor Eye Wrinkles?

I am looking for a total facial skin rejuvination I have minor acne scaring, a few wrinkles under eyes and minor crows feet also some facial hair (... READ MORE

Gentle Yag Vs IPL Vs VBEAM Vs Fraxel Restore?

What is the difference between these lasers? whcih is the best option for skin rejuvenation (to improve quality, tone and color of skin) and has less... READ MORE

Which laser is recommended for rejuvenation of mature skin?

Which laser is recommended for rejuvenation of mature skin? I want to improve texture, crows feet, sagging jaw, wrinkles and some redness. I have had... READ MORE

Facial rejuvenation?

I saw a dermatologist wanting facial rejuvenation treatment, she recommended a treatment (forgot the name) but the process is as follows: a carbon... READ MORE

Skin rejuvenation before my 41 (photo)

I am going to be 41 years old and my concern is my facial skin. I feel my skin very dry, no elasticity, dull, and have noticed very light blemishes on... READ MORE

Most effective laser or procedure for tightening?

I work in the medical aesthetics industry- thus can't show pictures. I have been privy to much debate about the best procedure/laser for full face... READ MORE

What laser is recommended to rejuvenate this under eye skin that was damaged by a 1440 laser treatment 2 years ago? (Photo)

I had some clogged pores turn to small pock marks right after the procedure and now small wrinkles; some slight fat loss as well. I am looking for for... READ MORE

Annual treatment plan for rejuvenation, texturing, collagen, tightening, red veins etc?

What and when is the best approach to rotate and do the Various treatments each year between BBL, photofacial, microneedling, halo,and tractora RF?... READ MORE

What are different types of Lasers used to improve skin texture?

Wondering what my options are. I am not looking for anything crazy that is going to cause me to stay inside for 10 days and swell up!!! I am looking... READ MORE

Will the flattened skin heal with laser treatment? (Photo)

I had a small injury, i removed the crust with a toothpick and it bled, now the area has hyperpigmentation. With hyperpigmentation, that area is... READ MORE

Is Sublative Rejuvenation the Next Best Thing After Fraxel Repair?

I heard about this new procedure and was wondering if it will become more popular in the future? READ MORE

What is Matisse? (Photo)

My dermatologist in Hungary recommended to me a new laser for skin rejuvenation its called Matisse. Do you have any view about this laser? My skin is... READ MORE

What is the best laser/procedure to even out skin tone, smooth the skin, and give a youthful look?

I am almost 25 years old. My skin used to be very even-toned as I used to tan but the past few years I have been away from the sun and my skin has... READ MORE

Anybody heard about K Laser Blue Derma I?

Is it good for skin tightening and rejuvenation which is better ND yag q switched or K Laser Derma ? READ MORE

Does Scarlet treatment interfere with the metal screws of my cheek augmentation?

I have cheek augmentation with two tiny metal screws in each, is it safe for me to have Scarlet RF rejuvenation treatment? i am 39 many thanks Zarrin READ MORE

How many types of lasers are there in regards to fixing dermatology problems and skin rejuvenation?

I see lasers such as IPL, Levulan and Blue Light, are there multiple different types of lasers or only one type that is just given different names? READ MORE

After burn on my hands skin was regrown as granny skin. (photo)

Is rejuvention treatment is possible to get normal stage? READ MORE

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