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Can I Get Laser Treatment 3 Months Post Accutane?

I'm a month from finishing my Accutane course, and I'm VERY anxious to get some laser treatments for my red nose and cheeks. He claims that 3... READ MORE

Regenlite For Scarring, Rough Skin Texture and Redness and Broken Capillaries?

I was recommended by a well-renowned Dermatologist to have four sessions with this laser - for scarring, rough skin texture and facial redness/broken... READ MORE

Red nose fibrous papule removal (photo)

Been over a year since I got this after picking at acne on my nose. Raised red bump. Already tried v-beam with no luck and hyfrecation 3 times also no... READ MORE

IPL or BBL Treatments After Micro Laser Peel?

I had a Micro Laser Peel 7 weeeks ago at a depth of 41. I still have this red pattern along my jaw line. This is the same pattern I had the day of the... READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment for Skin Reddening?

What is the best laser treatment for facial skin reddening? I have not been diagnosed with Rosacea. I believe it's more due to sun damage and... READ MORE

Most Effective Laser Treatment for Keloid Scarring on Chest?

I've received 8 treatments of 5FU injections into the keloids. The keloids have responded well, as in they have reduced and not regrown. I also... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Redness on the Face After 5 Weeks of Sciton Laser Treatment?

I was told it would only take 2 weeks to heal up before the treatment. Before it was like dark pink, now it still have lighter color pink. Will this... READ MORE

When to Have Laser Treatment for Redness After Accutane?

I have taken 5 mg of Accutane once daily for 2 1/2 weeks for mild adult acne, rosacea, which cleared residual papules, and I'm going to have laser... READ MORE

I Had Laser on my Face 13 Weeks Ago Is It Normal to Still Be Red?

I have small blood vessels on my face and redness after 13 weeks. It still burns a little. Can you get roseca from laser Thank you READ MORE

What is the best treatment for facial redness caused by broken capillaries and acne scars?

I am 27 and of Northern European dissent. My face has always been red and blotchy and now has broken capillaries and red acne scars as well.. Is laser... READ MORE

Laser Treatment Help Burns and Redness Under Eyes?

I realise it was a stupid thing to do now but after lower blepharoplasty I applied boiled salty water to my stitches. I have been left with red marks... READ MORE

Is Bleeding a Normal Reaction After Q Switched Laser for a Pigmented Lesion?

I have medium indian skin tone and recently (3 months ago) suffered an abrasion right below my eye from falling. It left a terrible mark (size of a... READ MORE

Indent After Laser Treatment on Dark Spot

I had a dark spot due to sun damage on my cheek. I am Asian, so I am prone to get dark spots, the laser specialist told me. I had laser treatment and... READ MORE

Redness from Revlite Laser?

I had 10 laser treatments to remove a Café au lait spot on my leg. My last treatment was 6 weeks ago and everything was fine just this past week it ... READ MORE

Is Severe Redness and Bruising Normal After Med Lite Freckle Removal on Second Day? (photo)

I had laser treatment for my freckles with Med Lit technology. Today on the second day all the areas treated are severely red and some look bruised... READ MORE

Yellow Light Laser or Candela for Facial Redness?

I have been treated with actinic keratosis for scaly skin on my face. My face is now red on the forehead and cheeks. The dermatologist has recommend... READ MORE

What Are The After Effects of Laser on Facial Skin? (photo)

Hello, I would like to know if any one knows about and/or has any experience with a laser device called LightPod Neo made by Aerolase? It claims to be... READ MORE

How can I removed red skin caused by apple cider vinegar which is now a really bad chemical burn?

Its been a month and a half since i caused it and its still completely red, what could i do? chemical peel, bleach skin? i put a q-tip with apple... READ MORE

Are There Any Lasers or Acne Scarring Treatments Allowed While on Accutane?

I've had acne since I was 10, everywhere over my body. I'm on the 3rd month of Accutane and I'm still getting constant acne still. My acne hasn't been... READ MORE

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