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1064 Laser Treatment for Venous Lake - recovery Period? (photo)

I found a well known reputable doctor in Washington DC at the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery to treat my small venous lake. Based... READ MORE

How Long Should Someone Wait Between Laser Treatments?

Had laser treatment on the face last Friday. This coming Friday another appointment for a Fractional treatment on the face. Is it too soon? READ MORE

CO2 Laser Five and a Half Months After Accutane?

I am due to have CO2 laser on February 10. This will be 5 months and 2 weeks since finishing the generic version of Accutane. I told the dermatologist... READ MORE

How Much Downtime is Needed for Undereye Laser Repair?

Today is October 1. I have a wedding on October 15th and am interested in getting laser done for under my eyes to correct loose skin/wrinkles caused... READ MORE

How Long Is Normal Healing Time For Facial Smart Dot Lazer? (photo)

I am looking to have smart dot lazer on my face for wrinkles on my cheeks above lips ,i spoke to 1 docter who said this would be good for me he would... READ MORE

I have been considering C02 laser treatment especially for under eye wrinkles.

I have been considering C02 laser treatment especially for under eye wrinkles. I have been researching the ALMA Pixel for the quicker recovery time.... READ MORE

What are procedures to remove freckles? (Photo)

The question is sorr of self explanatory, but just what would be the most effective way to remove freckles, how long does it last, recovery time,... READ MORE

Best aggressive Laser Treatment for my deep lip wrinkles and cheek wrinkles? (photos)

Hello. I have a fair amount of sun damage and seek the most aggressive laser treatment. The amount of recovery time is not important - results are! I... READ MORE

I'm on day three of recovery after a deka dot treatment. There are red bumps that look like acne on my face. Is this normal?

I am curious if on day three of deka dot recovery, if it is normal to have acne looking bumps all over your face (in particular the forehead, of which... READ MORE

What's the best laser for veins and darkness under the eyes?

My dermatologist says her laser technician users a 'v-beam'. Also, how long for recovery? READ MORE

Do I need laser treatments? Is this regular acne? (Photos)

My skin feels smooth, but it has its little bumps of acne ? And I feel I have red spot scars ! I use to have perfect skin untill 2 years ago ! I've... READ MORE

Best Laser treatment for loose skin ?

Which CO 2 laser is best for sagging skin, and what is the recovery time? I'm in my late 30s and would like to try regenerating my own collagen. Thank you READ MORE

Recovery for Laser Around Lower Eyelids?

How long is the recovery time for the laser around the lower lids to remove the fine lines or wrinkles? Will that area crust up? Thanks. READ MORE

Preparation and Recovery from Palomar Fractional Laser?

How is Palomar Fractional Laser preparation? How long is the recovery period? READ MORE

SP Dynamis Laser - Is there any downtime?

What should one expect during recovery after being treated with this laser?  READ MORE

How to recover from swelling after laser treatment of arteriovenous malformation ? (Photo)

Hi All, I have a medium sized artri-venous malformation inside my upper lip (some Drs. also called it hemangeoma). I underwent to a long pulsed ND Yag... READ MORE

Laser Treatments, One Stitch Surgery or Fat Transfers Effective for Deep Crows Feet? (photo)

My smile used to be my best feature until I noticed deep crows feet in pictures. I really don't want to alter my facial expressions with... READ MORE

Please can you answer its about laser treatment I have started and got burned... Any suggestions? (photos)

Second session of my full body lazer treatment i got burned called them they said it will pass never called me back to see if iam ok or recovering was... READ MORE

Can I do BBL without narcotics (I just did closed Rhinoplasty & deep fx without it) ?

I am a recovering opiate addict I can not have any narcotics. I recently had closed rhinosplasty & deep active fx and couldve literally went back to... READ MORE

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