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What is the Best Treatment for Large Pores?

Hello, I have enlarged/scarred pores. I've had a Micro laser peel, and I've had 3 treatments of Fraxel re:storeTM in the past without any... READ MORE

Best Way to Shrink Large Pores? Laser treatment?

Does anyone know what is the best treatment for large pores? I use Retin-A Micro at night, but even if it cleans the pores, they are still so big. Can... READ MORE

Lasers for Rejuvenating Bumpy Nose Skin?

How do you treat old man nose? It's bumpy with big pores. Not a nose job, just a rejuvenation of the skin, whatever is beneath it, and tone. Do lasers... READ MORE

Had Matrix Ir Test on Chin and Left Pattern of Pore Images

Had matrix ir laser test on chin, it has been three weeks and it appears to have left pattern of small pores and the texture is worse than ever.It has... READ MORE

Is there a laser or other procedure that I can do to help with enlarged pores and crepe like skin on arms and legs? (photo)

I am fifty years old with very dry skin. I have had Thermage, Ulthera, and Thermi Cool on my face. My arms (forearms especially) now have enlarged... READ MORE

Is there a way to shrink pores or remove them entirely?

Genetically, I have large pores and always disliked them. Is there any laser treatment that can shrink my pores? I understand that in pores there are... READ MORE

How can i get rid of pores permanently?

I ve a small pores because of coconut oil.application of coconut oil for 3-4 day regularly causes it looks visible otherwise i ve had a clear skin. i... READ MORE

How to reduce pore size permanently?

I suffer from large pores on my cheek. What treatments do you recommend for pores? which can reduce the size of pores and go into the depth of my... READ MORE

What is an effective skin laser treatment for large pores, pitted acne scars, redness, and oily skin?

My main concern is treating acne scars. I see so many skin lasers but I don't know which one provides the most results in a shorter amount of time. I... READ MORE

Are treatments with a dye laser (V-Star or Photogenica, Cynosure) worth a try? (photos)

When I was a teenager, I had fairly strong acne. The doctors prescribed erythromycin spirit, acid peeling and isotretinoin pills. From then on my... READ MORE

Pores - is laser treatment good for me? (Photo)

I have pores on my face from 3 months I am just 18 year old is lazer treatment good for me READ MORE

How can I reduce the pore size on my nose?

For some reason the pores on my nose are very large and it really bothers me. Is there any way to reduce pore size, perhaps with a laser? READ MORE

What is the best laser/procedure to reduce pore size, tighter skin and improve the overall texture of the skin? (photos)

I'm 37 years old and have always had large pores, but feel as if the have become more noticible with age and I'm really unhappy with the texture of my... READ MORE

Laser Treament Ideal for Pores and Lesions?

Is Laser Genesis really an effective treatment for pores without downtime? I have done Vi Peel once and though my outer skin pilled off,the inner... READ MORE

What Are The After Effects of Laser on Facial Skin? (photo)

Hello, I would like to know if any one knows about and/or has any experience with a laser device called LightPod Neo made by Aerolase? It claims to be... READ MORE

What's the best choice of laser treatment for my skin type (4)?

If I have hyperpigmentation, sun spots and some redness and pores in my cheeks, what would be the best laser treatment to treat all that? I was going... READ MORE

How can I fix laser damage? And why does this happen to some people? (photos)

I have little dot like scars all over my face from laser. I am severely depressed and want some answers. There seems to be many on here with the same... READ MORE

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