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Laser Treatment or Chemical Peels for Buttocks?

I have scars, stretch marks and pigmentation on my hips. My buttocks appear very dark as compared to the color of the rest of my body. I'm so... READ MORE

What Type of Laser is Gentlelase Candela Laser? Is It IPL or Fractional or Neither? Very Concerned.

I am curious what type of Laser this is and possible side effects from having some pigmented spots removed. Thanks! READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment for Under Eye Pigmentation?

Do you think the IPL treatment is the most effective laser against under-eye blood vessels and pigmentation? What do you recommend is the most... READ MORE

Had Matrix Ir Test on Chin and Left Pattern of Pore Images

Had matrix ir laser test on chin, it has been three weeks and it appears to have left pattern of small pores and the texture is worse than ever.It has... READ MORE

High pigmentation / discoloration around lips and broken capillaries on face? (Photo)

I've been saving quite a bit of cash to do a procedure that would fix my extreme discoloration around my mouth and as you could see in the pictures my... READ MORE

Can Any Laser Treatment Help Get Rid of Brown Stripe on Forehead?

I have a brown stripe (1-2 inches wide) on the right side of my forehead, from the hairline down to the eyebrow. According to the description of... READ MORE

I have a scar on my throat from radiation. A doc recommended Revlite to reduce pigmentation. Will it work? Worth it? (Photo)

I've had a couple of doctors try some different stuff, fraxel didn't seem to help, today I saw a dr who recommended 8 rev light treatments to try to... READ MORE

What Laser Treatment is Best to Get Rid of Acne Scars, Discoloration, and Sun Damage with the Least Amount of Recovery Time?

I completed a successful course of Acutane in the spring and now I'm left with many scars and pigmentation all over my face. It's easily covered with... READ MORE

Treatment for Stretch Marks, Scars, and Pigmentation on Hips and Buttocks?

My entire buttocks and hips have stretch marks, scars, and dark pimentation. This problem has been existent since my puberty days. The skin on this... READ MORE

Risk of Pigmentation After Erbium and Pixel Laser Treatments?

I'm Asian male, skin type IV, with acne scars. My doctor said he would give me 1 Erbium laser treatment and 2 or 3 Pixel Laser treatments.He said... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Dermatosa Papulosa Nigra?

I'm an Asian with Fitzpatrick scale IV-V skin type. I have several tiny brown spots (dermatosa papulosa nigra) on my cheeks, one side of the neck, and... READ MORE

What is Revlite Laser?? What are the side effects?/ Is there is a risk of Hyperpigmentation with this treatment??

Hello doctor.... i am from india.. my doctor suggest me revilite laser for my mild pigmentation and some acne marks.. i didint find any reviews in... READ MORE

Is Mosaic Effective for Skin Pigmentation, Sagging and Wrinkles?

I'm considering getting 3 Mosaic treatments done but I want to make sure it's effective first. I'm only 30 years old but it seems I'm cursed with bad... READ MORE

How Will Olive Skin React to Laser Treatment?

I heard laser treatment can cause dark pigmentation on olive skin. Is this true? Thanks! READ MORE

Can areola pigmentation be lightened through laser? (Photo)

Had a breastlift many years ago. Part of where the areola was before is still visible. Tried hydroquinone for a few months with no noticeable... READ MORE

Is it safe enough to use plastic eye shield during q switched laser therapy around the eye?

I used qswitch laser therapy for pigmentation around the eye . I had pigmentations on both side of my face , on my inferior orbial rim . The eye... READ MORE

How To Treat Sun Pigmentation Damage on Cheeks of Asian Skin?

I have tried ipl which helped at first but now is getting worse i am protecting my face with environ spf15 from further sun damage What other form of... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Kaposi Sarcoma, What Are My Options?

I have been trying to find information on laser treatment for cosmetic spot removal. The annual American Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Malar Pigmentation?

I have malar pigmentation which is w-shaped line. Will laser treatment be effective? And even if laser is done will it resurface? READ MORE

How Effective is Swiss Plasma Laser?

I would like to know if the Swiss plasma laser technique is a good option. At their clinics, they offer either the Plasma Regeneration procedure or a ... READ MORE

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