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I Am Getting Laser Above my Mouth and Under my Eye- How Painful?

I am getting laser done under they eyes and for smoker lines above the mouth. I have chose to just have local only. They will inject the eye area, and... READ MORE

Can you switch from one laser treatment to another type for the same area treated? (Photo)

Two months ago I had Q Switched laser procedure for brown spots on my leg. I am less than thrilled with the results. I was told by an esthetician that... READ MORE

I have over the course of a year & a half had 6 Radio Frequency for skin laxity. Can this fat loss continue for months?

The last treatment appeared to trigger as sudden and dramatic fat loss accompanied by facial pain similar to sinus. Is it more effective to restore... READ MORE

Laser for age spot removal?

Can laser treatment remove skin spots,and is it painfull? READ MORE

Very unhappy with RFA results. What is wrong?

I had no pain, just a few large ret veins and spider clusters. I was told the rfa was necessary in order to have good schlero results due to reflux in... READ MORE

My skin was not cooled after laser, can this cause problems?

On my 4th laser treatment I was treated on the highest level level 5 palomar Emerge fractional laser 1410nm. I have scars (white thickened lines the... READ MORE

Is it normal for the second, or subsequent laser resurfacing treatments to be more painful than the first treatment?

Five days ago I had my second CO2RE treatment on my face and neck. The first treatment was 6.5 months ago. I was very happy with the results from my... READ MORE

Laser Treatment Side Effects - Can Laser Skin Treatments Cause Pain in Teeth and Gums?

I had two "non-invasive, non-ablative" laser rejuvenation treatments on my face and neck about four weeks apart. There was no down time... READ MORE

How Painful is Quadralase Laser Treatment?

I had a facial laser treatment 5 years ago and the procedure was very painful. I've been told that my doctor did not use enough facial numbing cream... READ MORE

How Painful is CO2 Laser?

How do I select a good doc? How much should a CO2 laser cost? I have worked outside for years and have deep wrinkles around my mouth. Will this do the... READ MORE

Does Laser Treatment Hurt While Being Done?

I will be getting a laser treatment for the skin under my eyes. I am 51 years old and have fine lines, wrinkles, and some darkness under my eyes. How... READ MORE

How to Ease Pain of Laser Treatment on Sensitive Skin?

Thermage, Refirm and any laser treatment is painful. Any suggestion to reduce pain for very sensitive skin? I had done Mixto lazer for my scars. Even... READ MORE

Can You Get a Fever After a Juvia Treatment?

I had a Juvia treatment 4 days ago, thought I was improving, this morning my face hurt more than ever and have a 100+ degree fever. Is this possible... READ MORE

It is Three Weeks and It Still Hurts in That Spot. It is Hard to Walk. Will This Be Permanent? It Has Me Very Worried.

Recently my doctor gave me laser treatment behind my knee to treat a spot on my Leg. It was excruciatingly painful. I think he hit a nerve. It has... READ MORE

Is this normal and will this close on its own?? Belly button laser after umbilical hernia surgery to remove redness. (photo)

I had my belly button lasered on Sept. 20 at my surgeons office because after my May 2015 umbilical hernia repair, the inside of the belly button was... READ MORE

Can I do BBL without narcotics (I just did closed Rhinoplasty & deep fx without it) ?

I am a recovering opiate addict I can not have any narcotics. I recently had closed rhinosplasty & deep active fx and couldve literally went back to... READ MORE

Are there lasers out there that are not painful and do the non-ablative procedure work?

I was considering getting CO2 laser for under my eyes (to tighten) and for my smokers lines, but after reading about those who suffered greatly from... READ MORE

Soprano ICE or Lightsheer Duet?

Which laser is best in terms of pain-wise on areas like bikini, and also in terms of effectiveness? Light/Fair skin with dark coarse hair thank you READ MORE

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