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How Effective Are Laser Treatments for Broken Capillaries on the Nose and Face?

Just wondering if it completely eliminates any visible broken caps or if traces are still visible after treatment. READ MORE

Can I Get Laser Treatment 3 Months Post Accutane?

I'm a month from finishing my Accutane course, and I'm VERY anxious to get some laser treatments for my red nose and cheeks. He claims that 3... READ MORE

Will Laser Treatment Reduce Pore Size with Rhinophyma?

I have a mild case of rhinophyma and have deep, large pores on my nose. The skin is quite thick. Will Laser treatment help and if so which is best? READ MORE

Is There a Permanent Solution to Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

I am 27 and I am trying to figure out what procedure to use for my fine horizontal lines on my forehead, two semi-deep vertical line in between my... READ MORE

Red nose fibrous papule removal (photo)

Been over a year since I got this after picking at acne on my nose. Raised red bump. Already tried v-beam with no luck and hyfrecation 3 times also no... READ MORE

Which Co2 Laser is Best for Rhinophyma

Which co2 laser between ultrapulse or fraxel is best for the treatment of rhinophyma? READ MORE

Is It a Bad Idea to Have ONE Single Broken Capillary (Blood Vessel) Treated with a Laser?

I have a broken blood vessel on my nose that really bothers me. If I got just this one capillary treated, would it be a dumb idea? Would the cost of... READ MORE

Lasers for Rejuvenating Bumpy Nose Skin?

How do you treat old man nose? It's bumpy with big pores. Not a nose job, just a rejuvenation of the skin, whatever is beneath it, and tone. Do lasers... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Thick Nostril Skin?

My concern is the thickness of my nostril skin and has been for a long time, and not the alar base width itself. I understand that reducing the skin... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Blood Vessel on Nose?

I have a small dot at the end of my nose. I believe it to be a blood vessel (if I mess with it it will bleed). I don't like it and want it removed.... READ MORE

Shaping Nose Cartilage with Heat?

Hello, there is an interesting innovation in cartilage shaping technology I have been reading about. It seems Russian scientists are shaping nasal... READ MORE

Laser Treatment For Broken Capillaries and A Large Blister Formed and Popped, Leaving a Red Mark?

I had laser treatment to remove broken capillaries around my nose. One on the tip of my nose where a rather large blister formed and popped leaving a... READ MORE

Are there any laser options available/injections to help with permanent bruising/hyperpigmentation? Blue pulse laser? (Photo)

I suffered a very hard hit to the face pretty sure I broke my nose everything seems to be fine with my nose I had two huge black eyes this happened... READ MORE

Laser Specialist Dermatologist Recommendations?

Does anyone know a dermatologist that specializes in lasers? I am currently looking for a dermatologist who can help me with a few little veins under... READ MORE

Which is the best laser to get rid of red lines under nose? (photos)

I have red lines under each nostril on my nose. Since I have fair skin, what is the best laser on the market to get rid of these red lines? Are these... READ MORE

Help! Is this the normal healing process after strong Aerolase laser treatment? (photo)

I had an Aerolase laser facial last Thursday. I have a wide scarred pore hole/ice pick in the center of my nose that gets clogged w/oil and has been... READ MORE

Deep Scar After Laser Treatment for Beauty Mark

I received a laser treatment in an effort to remove a beauty mark on tip of my nose a month ago. I noticed that the treatment left a pretty deep scar... READ MORE

Orange Peel or Whatever? Cryotherapy on Nose?

I'm so sad about this procedure I had. I had a surgery scar on my nose and I had some cyrotherapy on it, which worked very well. But then I was goint... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Teleangiectasia After Doxycycline?

I am considering having laser treatment (KTP Gemini 532nm) for teleangiectasia on my nose. I was taking Doxycycline for 8-9 months, but stopped 12... READ MORE

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