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63 and Look Great but Severe Lip and Chin Wrinkles. Non-surgical options other than injections?

I am 63 and look great except the severe wrinkling around my mouth and chin make me very self conscious. is there a safe non invasive way to treat... READ MORE

Non-surgical Options to Get Rid of Excess Skin on the Abdomen?

I have excess skin in my abdomen area as a result of 2 pregnancies. What is the best option to minimize this without surgery? Would Accent XL be a... READ MORE

Is there any non-surgical procedure (such as RF, ultrasound, laser) that can restore volume around the lips without fillers?

I am 58. I have lost volume around my mouth resulting in small wrinkles and puckering. My skin is not sagging in my lower face. (I had a facelift in... READ MORE

Are there non surgical ways to tighten the loose skin around my jawline after weight loss?

Lost some weight and now my jaw line is looser and my lower face.dont want a face lift yet READ MORE

Best radiofrequency or laser treatment for malar bag/festoon/midcheek groove?

I know the lower lid blepharoplasty and the fillers are the best to threat this, but my festoons are not that bad I think, sometimes it's like a line... READ MORE

What's the best non-surgical way to smooth the loose skin and wrinkles under my eyes? (Photo)

I experienced an allergic reaction for several years that caused my eyes to get very puffy. Whatever the cause, the puffiness has been reduced... READ MORE

Could Plexr Lasers be the answer for heavy Hooded Eyes without surgery? (Photo)

I recently posted some pictures of my eyes - I'll include them here too - and keep seeing the Plexr Laser (not yet in USA) giving some amazing results... READ MORE

I am 29 and have saggy skin on my cheeks. What none surgical and the least expensive method can I use to tighten the skin?

When i was 17 i took Accutane for a year to treat acne my skin has been extremely dry since then. Now i am left with saggy, dry, dull, acne scars,... READ MORE

Non surgical procedure to remove stubborn face fat and improve side view. Want a natural contoured look. (photos)

I want something that's going to slim down and also give a tight chiseled look to my face and then same for my chin and neck looking for something... READ MORE

Other than fillers, what type of non-surgical treatments are available to decrease the look of undereye hollowness and wrinkling

I am wondering if any non-ablative lasers or other non-surgical treatments can help tighten-up the undereye area and thereby make the hollow and bulge... READ MORE

What's the best non-surgical fat reduction treatment for the arms?

I've always hated my arms and want to know if there is something I can do to reduce the fat on them. I was told the arms are a tricky area due to many... READ MORE

Are there any effective non-surgical treatments for upper eyelid crepeyness? Lasers, peels, Plexr, heavy-duty skincare, Retin-A?

I think it's partly genetic, as I've never had smooth unwrinkled upper eyelids (lower are not too bad), even in my youth. I'm 54. I've never smoked,... READ MORE

Is there a place to go in the Detroit Michigan area for Laser?

Looking for a professional non surgical dr for low level laser therapy. How do I find where to go. is Bosley the only place. READ MORE

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