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Non-ablative Lasers Increase Collagen Production?

Do non-ablative lasers actually do anything to increase collagen production and help fine lines, or is this a scam? READ MORE

How Much Downtime is Needed for Undereye Laser Repair?

Today is October 1. I have a wedding on October 15th and am interested in getting laser done for under my eyes to correct loose skin/wrinkles caused... READ MORE

I've had several non ablative lasers to my facial area, and bumps have appeared. Could it be a side effect? (Photo)

I noticed a red bump that actually appears to look like some sort of blister that popped. It was not there last night when I went to bed. I know this... READ MORE

IPL vs PDL vs ExcelV lasers for treating redness on face, neck, chest (photo)

3 different recommendations for redness on face, neck & chest. told it's not Rosacea but sun damage - broken blood vessels. Most severe on chest.... READ MORE

Non-ablative laser for large pores/acne scars on nose? Did I make the right decision? (Photo)

I just had treatment for acne scars on my nose using a non ablative laser. I was told I will recover in about 4 days and I will continue this... READ MORE

Non Ablative Laser with History of Hyper Pigmentation?

Hi! I'm interested in getting non ablative laser treatments and Im concerned because of a history of small, but obvious, side effects from other... READ MORE

Can Palomar 1540nm permanently reduce pore size?

I've read that non-ablative laser treatments can shrink pore size permanently. I'm currently getting Palomar 1540 treatment for acne scars/skin... READ MORE

Is scarring from non ablative laser deeper than acne scars?

Being that non ablative laser works from keeping the epidermis intact is scarring from non ablative laser Usually deeper than "moderate" acne... READ MORE

Ablative or non-ablative lasers? (Photo)

Which, ablative or non-ablative lasers, better to improve the appearance of white stretchmarks? I've read palomar 1540 is fda approved for... READ MORE

Other than fillers, what type of non-surgical treatments are available to decrease the look of undereye hollowness and wrinkling

I am wondering if any non-ablative lasers or other non-surgical treatments can help tighten-up the undereye area and thereby make the hollow and bulge... READ MORE

What is the best options for treating a remaining chicken pox scar? (photos)

I have gotten two scar revisions, 1 ablative fractional, 2 nonabliative fractional, 2 microneedling, and am scheduled for a Perfect Peel. There are so... READ MORE

For box and rolling scars, is an ablative or non ablative laser better?

I have had one pro fractional ABLATIVE laser performed with no side effects such as, hyperpigmentation since I do have asian brown skin tone. I... READ MORE

How much time between getting microneedling prp and non ablative laser, subcision and filler?

I am due for an appointment of a combination of non ablative laser, subcision and filler for my atrophic acne scars. I am getting microneedling +prp... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Ablative and Non Ablative Lasers For Skin Tightening?

I want to get the loose skin around my eyes tightened and id like to know the difference between ablative and non ablative lasers,and the down times... READ MORE

Traditional facial 3 days after Medlite C6 non-ablative treatment?

I am having a traditional spa facial done on Tuesday May 5 and was wondering if it would be ok to have a non-ablative skin rejuvenation done today,... READ MORE

Can you have a non-ablative, photoacoustic or LED laser treatment over areas filled with Aquamid?

I would like to have a revlite laser treatment which apparently stimulates the dermis. I had aquamid injected into my chin 2 years ago. Would it be... READ MORE

Are there lasers out there that are not painful and do the non-ablative procedure work?

I was considering getting CO2 laser for under my eyes (to tighten) and for my smokers lines, but after reading about those who suffered greatly from... READ MORE

Can eyelids be tightened with non ablative laser? (Photo)

I know that the skin under the eyelid and above can be tightened with laser ablasive or non ablasive. But my question is, can the actual eyelids( the... READ MORE

Is the non ablative laser safe? Is it good for acne and pigmentation? When do I start to see side effects?

Hi I am african with a complexion like Beyoncé I have pigmentation and scar problem so my doctor tell me to do a laser treatment I forget the full ... READ MORE

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