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Which Laser is Best for Facial and Neck Wrinkles? What Do You Think of Smartskin Laser?

Which Laser is Best for Facial and Neck Wrinkles? What Do You Think of Smartskin Laser? READ MORE

Which Laser is Best for Neck Tightening with Minimal Downtime?

I am 55 years old, and I want to have some skin tightening on the face and neck. I'm told that with Fraxel Repair, I could be out 9 days. Are there... READ MORE

What is the Best Laser for Under Eye Wrinkles and General Tightening on Face and Neck?

I am 38 and have been suggested total fx and co2. Recovery time is no issue, just want to look better and make the right choice for the money and time... READ MORE

What is Coherent Ultra Pulse CO2 Laser?

Can you tell me more about Coherent Ultra Pulse CO2 Laser? Is it the best (proven) for overall skin improvement, like wrinkles, creping under the eyes... READ MORE

I am considering laser treatment to remove sunspots on my face and neck.

I know my insurance won't cover treatment so I need an idea of how expensive they are. READ MORE

I Am Have a Light Olive Complexion And Want my Neck and Jowls Tightened. Which Laser is Better?

I Am Have a Light Olive Complexion And Want my Neck and Jowls Tightened.  Which Laser is Better? Also want to reduce redness. Should I use the... READ MORE

Is ClearLift a good choice for skin tightening?

ClearLift laser, does it work well for skin tightening of the neck, back of arms and abdomen? Would it work well on fine lines and wrinkles? READ MORE

What are the best laser treatments (face/neck) for freckles, excessive thinness and loss of elasticity? (Photo)

I had severe cystic acne in my teens. I took 3 acne meds before taking Accutane. Since then ... my skin has gotten VERY thin and lost it's elasticity.... READ MORE

What kind of laser is best for saggy neck & jowels?

I can't drag a photo but I have a long neck that is thin but saggy READ MORE

1) Why call it Fraxel if it is not? 2) Why only treat sporadically? 3) How can it increase collagen production all over? (photo)

After investigation I rephrase questions. I've had first of 3- 5 sessions of photo-rejuvenation. My dermatologist calls it Fraxel, but machine is... READ MORE

Help with crepey skin on neck. Microneedling? Lasers? Topical treatments? (photos)

I will be 40 this year. I have good skin overall. I do not drink, smoke or tan. I have been diligent about sun protection and have little to no... READ MORE

Is the Alma Harmony Alma's ST Laser Effective?

Considering having the Alma ST Laser to tighten my neck and chin area. Starting to go south. This laser is suppose to target the tissue remodeling... READ MORE

Do Laser Treatments Work for Hemosiderin Deposits?

I have hemosiderin deposits on my neck and lower legs. What treatment works to help remove deposits and/or prevent further deposits? I have done... READ MORE

Aramis Laser on Face and Neck

How effective is Aramis Laser for firming and plumping face and neck? READ MORE

Can Laser Treatment Cause Damage to Neck Veins?

Can a lazer do any bad damage to your neck veins? Mine seem hard and is tender to look up. I got burned on my face and neck about 5 weeks ago. Most of... READ MORE

Poikiloderma on the Neck: Comparing Laser Treatment Options?

I'm looking at several types of laser treatment and wondering how the machines differ? I'm seeing Fraxel, Palomar and Prolite II mentioned a lot, but... READ MORE

CO2 Laser After Necklift?

How long is an appropriate period to do a CO2 treatment after having a Necklift? READ MORE

BBL - no "coffee ground" effect. Did it work?

I had the BBL on my neck and chest 5 days ago. I don't see any change to either area, there are no darker spots of pigment (no coffee-ground effect).... READ MORE

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