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Treatment for Fordyce Spots on Mouth Lips?

Dear All, Why any Dr. on earth take serious this condition as a real problem to attend. It causes a lot of psychological issues to the people with... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Around Mouth and Nose??

Hi , Please some one help me to get rid of black circles which is there around mouth.Day be day its going worst. I have tried so much of home tips,... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Sagging Lower Facial Skin?

Which laser treatment can help tighten sagging skin around my mouth, cheeks and jaw? Thanks. READ MORE

63 and Look Great but Severe Lip and Chin Wrinkles. Non-surgical options other than injections?

I am 63 and look great except the severe wrinkling around my mouth and chin make me very self conscious. is there a safe non invasive way to treat... READ MORE

Will ESR Laser Absorb Dermal Fillers?

I have heard various things about lasers, such as ESR and photofacial, absorbing the dermal fillers in cheeks and around mouth. Is this true that a... READ MORE

Local Anesthetic Toxicity

Can you get anesthetic toxicity from having local injected under both eyes and inside mouth of upper lip, so laser can be done under eyes and above... READ MORE

Which laser would be most effective for sagging eyes and areas around the mouth? (Photo)

I am older, and considering laser treatment for sagging eyes and areas around the mouth. However, I am totally confused, in as much as each person... READ MORE

Regarding wearing liquid foundation after a laser treatment?

Ihad a fractiional done 3 days ago around my mouth - looks good and all dead skin is off - I am pink and red can i apply makeup (liquid) to hide the... READ MORE

I have dark bulges around my mouth, what do I do? (Photo)

Around my mouth I have uneven puffiness. And sometimes dark sometimes not. I had my upper lip lasered bc I believed it was from waxing but the... READ MORE

I am having pigmentation completely around my mouth. Can I go for laser treatment?

High pigmentation around my mouth which am having from my childhood. ca n i get rid of the mark with the laser treatment?and please can you guide me... READ MORE

Quadralase Vs Palomar 1540 with Syneron Matrix?

Is Quadralase (CO2 Laser) or Palomar 1540 with Syneron Matrix more effective? I am debating which treatments would be more effective. Would the... READ MORE

How Painful is CO2 Laser?

How do I select a good doc? How much should a CO2 laser cost? I have worked outside for years and have deep wrinkles around my mouth. Will this do the... READ MORE

How to Find a Good Laser Treatment Doctor for Wrinkles?

I'm considering a laser treatment of some sort for wrinkles around mouth from years of smoking. How does one go about finding a physician? Is it... READ MORE

How does Warfarin affect the results of facial laser treatments?

I am 74 yr old female with serious upper and lower lines around my mouth. I also have puffy lower under eye bags. What is the best treatment for... READ MORE

Where Do You Have Go To Get A Laser Tx For Wrinkles Around Mouth?

Wrinkle's around Mouth area need to be lasered READ MORE

I have excessive darkness around mouth and my eyelids. What's the best treatment? (Photo)

There is excessive darkness around my mouth under the lips. I once consulted a doctor and he said it was acanthosis nigricans. His medication did'nt... READ MORE

What Laser treatment would you recommend for thin skin?

Dear doctors I'm 26 years old, but my skin looks older. It's thin and slightly loose with some vague signs of long lines around the mouth. I don't... READ MORE

I am 19 years old. I am very concerned about my skin. As an individual I am a fair in complexion and I am from India. (Photo)

I had 15 minute laser treatment for a few small broken like pimples around mouth and chin they are now redened.and i had a laser burn and now i am... READ MORE

24 year old wanting laser for expression lines on my mouth, eyes and forehead. Which laser is best? (Photo)

I am 24 years old with pale uneven coloured skin. Over the past 2 years I have noticed my expression lines have become more apparent. I treat my frown... READ MORE

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