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Laser Treatment for Skin Tag on Lower Eyelid?

I have a mole on the inner rim of my lower eyelid it is flesh colored. The ophthalmologist told me it have to be surgically removed, but due to... READ MORE

Laser Treatment on Dog Ear Incision After Mole Removal?

I have recently had two moles removed a month ago, one on my lower breast and one on my back. Each is about a half inch long and thick as a normal... READ MORE

How long does it take for moles/pigmentation to heal from laser? (photos)

I had some ablative laser done a few hours ago and it obviously bled. They are red, scabby and bad looking. How long does it usually take for these to... READ MORE

Will my laser burn scar go away? (Photo)

I removed my 2 flat moles by normal laser treatment. It burned my moles and after a while they fell off themselves. However, I have got burn marks and... READ MORE

Are these moles or freckles? And which type of laser treatment would be best? (Photos)

So I have noticed recently that I have been getting more and more moles(freckles) on my face as I grow older (30 y/o) . My question is are these moles... READ MORE

When can I seek laser treatment to improve appearance of the site of mole removal? (photo)

I had two moles shaved off my face by a plastic surgeon 5 weeks ago. I followed post op care using the aquaphor and keeping it "gooped" up to avoid a... READ MORE

I have a divot after mole removal. How long will it take to fill in, and what's the cost of laser treatment? (Photo)

I removed a mole about 2 or 3 weeks ago with chemicals after doing research on the internet. It probably wasn't the best idea but I talked to a... READ MORE

Advise on treatment to have, Laser or anything else? (photo)

Had a treatment for a spot on my face wasnt the same color, after laser treatment it became very dark like amoal, can u please advise what treatment... READ MORE

Could you please suggest best laser clinic in England?

I am looking for a qualified and professional laser specialist for skin tightening and mole removal. READ MORE

Laser treatment for face pigmentation, after 3 weeks there is a darker brown spot instead of pigmentation. (photo)

It first she used mole removing machine and second time laser total it has been 1 and half month. How to clear these brown scars? READ MORE

Best way to treat under eye laxity, syringomas and flat moles at the same time? (Photo)

Is full ablative laser the best way to treat under eye laxity, syringomas and flat moles at the same time? If that is the case, is CO2 or erbium a... READ MORE

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