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Can I Get Laser Treatment 3 Months Post Accutane?

I'm a month from finishing my Accutane course, and I'm VERY anxious to get some laser treatments for my red nose and cheeks. He claims that 3... READ MORE

Laser Treatment or Product for Large Pores and Orange Peel Skin?

I've tried so many different products and treatments now. So far: 3 treatments of Fraxel, 4 treatments of Laser Genesis, microdermabrasion, Obagi, 0... READ MORE

Which Co2 Laser is Best for Rhinophyma

Which co2 laser between ultrapulse or fraxel is best for the treatment of rhinophyma? READ MORE

Laser for Fatty Lump Between Lower Lip and Chin?

I have a fatty lump between my lower lip and chin that is bothering me aesthetically. How do I get rid of it? Can laser treatment remove this... READ MORE

Is the Fractional CO2 Laser Procedure Right for Me?

I'm 47, male, with considerable sun damage around my eyes (serious dynamic wrinkles) that I know the CO2 laser could improve. However, when... READ MORE

Affirm Multiplex and Permanent Fillers?

I have some injected permanent fillers (silicone). Am I a good candidate for an Affirm Multiplex laser treatment or is it dangerous? Can I have it on... READ MORE

Vertical line on right cheek? (photo)age

Hello... I'm 28 years old. I have never smoked and never drank. I notice when I let my dog out in the morning that when I turn to the right of my... READ MORE

Do all freckle removing lasers damage facial hair?

I am a 18 year old male looking to remove freckles on my entire face. I heard that some of the lasers used to remove freckles can actually be used to... READ MORE

I'm 22, it looks like I got punched because of dark mark under my right eye. The same mark is forming under my left eye. (photo)

I haven't found anyone else online with the same problem. Are there lasers or a procedure to decrease the pigmentation or remove the marks? READ MORE

Does the Palovia at Home Laser Work?

Does the Palovia at Home Laser Work and Can It Be Used in Other Areas Besides the Eyes? READ MORE

Are Lasers Safe for Use on the Glans and Inner Foreskin of the Penis?

I have always been self-concious about the appearance of my penis, particulary the inner-foreskin and glans (I am circumcised). I am unhappy with the... READ MORE

Is Sublative Rejuvenation the Next Best Thing After Fraxel Repair?

I heard about this new procedure and was wondering if it will become more popular in the future? READ MORE

Small Mark Above Lip Line That Really Bothers Me...

I have already asked about this mark but wanted to rephrase the question, the original link is here: http://www.realself... READ MORE

Which laser would you recommend to treat my post-inflammatory erythema? (Photo)

I am male, 22 years old & skin type 3. I have post inflammatory erythema (red marks) from old acne. These are dots of visible blood vessels (or... READ MORE

Laser Treatment to Improve Skin After Psoriasis?

I'm 23 years old and had psoriasis on my face when I was 18-19. It wasn't treated it that led to skin peeling quite badly with my nose becoming more... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Reducing Scars?

Would a laser treatment help reduce the scratch scars on my face? They're only scratches from fingernails. I really want to make the appearance... READ MORE

Can coblation laser therapy treat mild rhinophyma in Fitzpatrick 4 skin? (photos)

 I've read of laser difficulty in darker skin in years past. Is this a viable option today? If not, does anyone have a solution which would allow... READ MORE

Looking very old. I'm only 20 and I look like a 30 year old man. What's the reason behind this and what's the treatment? (Photo)

I am looking so older as a 30 yr old man but actually I m only 20 year old What's the reason behind this n what's the treatment READ MORE

How can my chest/back keloid scars be treated? (photo)

I have been undergoing a series of injections to flatten our the keloid scars. I am looking for some kind of treatment options to improve the look of... READ MORE

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