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Will Yag or Yolo Curve Get Rid of Wrinkles/loose Skin on my Stomach?

I am 44 and after 5 children have the WORST looking stomach. i went for a consult with a dr that uses 'yolo curve' $2500 for 6 sessions and he... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Sagging Tummy?

I have saggy skin in the Tummy area after pregnancy. Would laser treatment be able to improve the ski? READ MORE

Is there a laser therapy that can help with loose skin/wrinkled skin as well as stretch marks? (photos)

I provided my front view of abdomen, after significant weight loss/3 pregnancies. The wrinkles crease from the old stretch marks (a lot of them). I am... READ MORE

Can the skin above my belly button be tightened with laser treatment? (photo)

I had a mini tummy tuck a few years ago, but the skin above my belly button is still loose. I've been told that smartlipo (just the laser part) will... READ MORE

Are there non surgical ways to tighten the loose skin around my jawline after weight loss?

Lost some weight and now my jaw line is looser and my lower face.dont want a face lift yet READ MORE

What's the best non-surgical way to smooth the loose skin and wrinkles under my eyes? (Photo)

I experienced an allergic reaction for several years that caused my eyes to get very puffy. Whatever the cause, the puffiness has been reduced... READ MORE

I wonder if you can suggest the best laser treatment for under eye wrinkles? (photos)

I am in my early forties and have thin "crepey" skin under my eyes which is loose, with fine wrinkles that are exaggerated when I smile. I want to... READ MORE

My unbalanced inner thighs. Please advise. (Photo)

Dear DRs, if U could suggest what kind of laser procedure should i go for, to get rid of stubborn fats at inner thighs, skin loose to touch, stretched... READ MORE

Viora ReFit and severe Fat Necrosis to Face.

I sought Viora Refit treatment to tighten epidermis in Mode 3 (most superficial). The MedSpa treated me in Mode 1, 2 and 3 at a very high level, a... READ MORE

Best laser for skin tightening on abdomen after children? Is it a 1-time session or are multiple needed. (photos)

I have 3 kids, 33 years old. 5'4 and 111 lbs. I work out. I know different offices have different lasers so I want to do my research. I am hard to... READ MORE

Is there a treatment to improve my stretch marks on my knees and calves? (photos)

I have white stretch marks all over my body. However, i am very very conscious about the ones on my calves and knees. I know there is no way to get... READ MORE

Will the Icon from Palomar help with loose skin above my belly button?

Will the Icon laser by Palomar tighten the skin over my belly button? I've had 6 tripollar treatments and 1 skinfinity RF. I got minimal results with... READ MORE

Is my loose skin something a laser could fix or am I gonna need something more like surgery? (Photo)

I was and still am very petite. I gained all my weight in my stomach while pregnant with my daughter. So now I've been left with lose wrinkled skin.... READ MORE

As a male, what procedure would improve my jawline and profile? (photos)

I really don't like my profile look. I have little to no jawline, and my cheeks are huge. Straight on, I have some loose skin around the mouth and... READ MORE

Best Laser treatment for loose skin ?

Which CO 2 laser is best for sagging skin, and what is the recovery time? I'm in my late 30s and would like to try regenerating my own collagen. Thank you READ MORE

Plexr Laser vs J Plasma vs Thermage for hooded eyes and loose/extra eyelid skin? (Photo)

I'd love to explore softer surgeries after some recommendations from Doctors on Real Self :) What are your experiences and opinions? I love the look... READ MORE

What is the Laser Treatment Machine Called FA? Pros and Cons?

It is supposed to be a face treatment that improves the collagen and moves the dark spots and the wrinkles. I am 34 years old and my main problem is... READ MORE

Whats the Best Lazer for Sagging Underarm Skin

Exercise and diet have not helped and my age in 66 so there is sagging skin that I would like to tighten READ MORE

Looking for a Real Laser Cure for Mild Lose Skin?

Hello, I have a small issue. My weight has yo yo between 20lbs in my life. I am 40 now and I look decent the problem is a see tinny folds of lose skin... READ MORE

What Laser treatment would you recommend for thin skin?

Dear doctors I'm 26 years old, but my skin looks older. It's thin and slightly loose with some vague signs of long lines around the mouth. I don't... READ MORE

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