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Is There a Permanent Solution to Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

I am 27 and I am trying to figure out what procedure to use for my fine horizontal lines on my forehead, two semi-deep vertical line in between my... READ MORE

Proper Age for Laser Treatment for Scars?

I am 13 and I have a scar in my face (left cheek,and lip). What age is appropiate to get a laser treatment to erase it completly? READ MORE

Laser for Fatty Lump Between Lower Lip and Chin?

I have a fatty lump between my lower lip and chin that is bothering me aesthetically. How do I get rid of it? Can laser treatment remove this... READ MORE

High pigmentation / discoloration around lips and broken capillaries on face? (Photo)

I've been saving quite a bit of cash to do a procedure that would fix my extreme discoloration around my mouth and as you could see in the pictures my... READ MORE

Polaris Vs TCA Peel

Hi i want to get rid of vertical lip lines and tighten my skin and heard polaris can do this..or would a TCA peel be better derma roller has not... READ MORE

Treatment for Lip Wrinkles?

I read a description of a treatment for lip wrinkles that sounded like it would be very effective, and I had not heard of it before. Dr. Aaron Stone... READ MORE

I Am Getting Laser Above my Mouth and Under my Eye- How Painful?

I am getting laser done under they eyes and for smoker lines above the mouth. I have chose to just have local only. They will inject the eye area, and... READ MORE

Will the Redness Color of the Lip Above the Vermillion Boarder Remain While the Port Wine Color is Removed with PDL Treatment?

My daughter has a 1 1/4" by 1/2" port wine stain on her lower lip above and below the vermillion boarder. Will the redness color of her lip... READ MORE

Can anyone advise me on laser therapy for pigmented lips? I am of indian descent.

I have heard of laser lip therapy as an option aside from home remedies which I have tried. Ive been told a medical makeup clinician should know best? READ MORE

Is ultrasonic or laser lips best for chin/neck lipo and hopefully skin tightening? (Photo)

I went to two well known local PS's. One suggested laser lipo the other ultrasonic. Both claimed amaxing results and hopes of skin tightening. Which... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for a Broken Blood Vessel on Lip?

I have broken blood vessel on my lower lip. Can this be removed by a Laser treatment? READ MORE

What exactly is supposed to happen after a Q-switch laser treatment? I was told that a scab should form but it hasn't happened.

I had a q switch laser treatment for a spot on my lip. It was swollen for the first day and a half and then it went back to normal. I was told a scab... READ MORE

Laser Treatment to Remove Freckle/spot on Lower Lip?

A few months ago I developed a single small brown spot on my lower lip. It looks like a freckle and won't go away. I don't smoke and am not on the... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Fading Cold Sore Scars?

Will laser treatment help fade the cold sore scars around my mouth? It was my first outbreak and unfortunately, I pick at them but then I let them... READ MORE

Small Mark Above Lip Line That Really Bothers Me...

I have already asked about this mark but wanted to rephrase the question, the original link is here: http://www.realself... READ MORE

Quadralase Vs Palomar 1540 with Syneron Matrix?

Is Quadralase (CO2 Laser) or Palomar 1540 with Syneron Matrix more effective? I am debating which treatments would be more effective. Would the... READ MORE

I Have Lip Pigmentation, Do You Suggest Me to Go for Laser Treatment? Is It Safe?

Is it okay if I go for Laser treatment?what are its side-effects?any danger involved?does it last forever or does it change after some time?Thank you... READ MORE

I had laser treatment on my lip a few years ago and its left a raised lump, like a blister.

I'm having laser again tomorrow as its what the hospital suggested will get rid of it. Please could you reply asap with what you think?  READ MORE

Does laser treatment effect menstrual cycle?

Dear doctors, I recently underwent a sitting for upper lip laser treatment for hair reduction. I would like to know if this effects the menstrual... READ MORE

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