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Fractional Laser or Dermabrasion for Chin and Upper Lip Lines?

I am 64. I used to use Retin-A with great success for lines on chin. In recent years, it doesn't correct deep lines in chin and now starting to get... READ MORE

Treatments to get rid of stomach creases/wrinkles?

This photo is not me but looks very similar to what i have, cannot find answers anywhere, i would like to know if there's any sort of laser treatment... READ MORE

Which is the best laser to get rid of red lines under nose? (photos)

I have red lines under each nostril on my nose. Since I have fair skin, what is the best laser on the market to get rid of these red lines? Are these... READ MORE

What Can Replace NLite?

I've had N Lite treatments in the past, & was very happy with what N Lite did for the lines around my eyes (not deep lines). My dermatologist no... READ MORE

Itching and Tram Lines 3 Weeks After Smart Dot, How To Correct This?

Had a second smartdot this time i have itching and tram lines left on my neck,also my skin feels like sandpaper ,when i look close under a good light... READ MORE

I recently had a yag laser used on my face. I now have a very deep line, and loss of collagen in many areas. What can I do?

How can the melted collagen, from the Yag laser be repaired...? I recently had a yag laser used on my face, and now have a very deep line, and loss of... READ MORE

9 months after Erbium Laser and skin texture dry and more lines around chin. Is there anything I can do? (photo)

Would facial peels help this? My skin looks like leather under my chin. And lines around my eyes look more prominent. Botox does not seem to help. READ MORE

Should I proceed with Palomar 1540 treatment?

I had CO2 laser almost 2 yrs. ago. I have track lines on my face now that were not there before. I am assuming that it is not going away ever. I was... READ MORE

Erbium laser for crows feet and under eye wrinkles/lines?

I would like to know how effective the Erbium Laser resurfacing is for crows feet and fine lines/wrinkles under eye? Also if it is best to have one... READ MORE

What kind of laser treatment would be best for my deep lines located on the side of my smile and below my lips? (Photo)

I recently had a consultation with a doctor juvederm injection in my smile lines.He did not recommend this type of treatment because it's not... READ MORE

Best Laser for Deep Chest Lines and Wrinkles Across Abdomen?

What's the best laser treatment for deep vertical chest lines and horizontal wrinkles across abdomen from loss of firmness? I am 38 years old and in... READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment for Lines Under Eyes and Large Pores?

I want to get a laser treatment for lines under my eyes and large pores. What will work best? READ MORE

Recovery for Laser Around Lower Eyelids?

How long is the recovery time for the laser around the lower lids to remove the fine lines or wrinkles? Will that area crust up? Thanks. READ MORE

How does Warfarin affect the results of facial laser treatments?

I am 74 yr old female with serious upper and lower lines around my mouth. I also have puffy lower under eye bags. What is the best treatment for... READ MORE

What is Tixel laser? Is it as good as SmartXide?

I have had one SmartXide laser treatment. My surgeon has said that Tixel will give me the same results without the down time. My area of concern is... READ MORE

If you are treated with the laser head in the same spot (stacking) will this cause fat loss and damage?

I was treated with the Emerge 1410 Palomar laser .The girl on all 4 treatments stacked the laser over a scar i have and i have volume loss and really... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Botched laser treatment - Face never healed, texture has become orange peel and liney.

Main issue that Gemini was targeting- broken caps around nose and minor redness in cheeks. Done 4 months ago, no sun exposure before/after. Face never... READ MORE

Line down cheek that looks like a scar. Would any laser treatments help smooth the texture? (Photo)

I have a a couple lines from my eye to cheek that are raised and almost look like a scar. I am not sure what they are. I am wondering if any laser... READ MORE

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