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Is It Safe to Have Laser Done when I Have Metal Braces on my Teeth?

Is It Safe to Have V Beam Laser Done when I Have Metal Braces on my Teeth? READ MORE

How can I get clear skin, great texture, and get rid of redness, without using any Lasers?

Hi, I've heard all the horror stories with lasers. I'm looking for an alternative to get rid of freckles, sun damage, get clearer skin and overall... READ MORE

What Treatment Should I Do To Remove Childhood Freckles?

I'm 37 and Chinese.. I would like to have my freckles removed but not sure which laser works best for my skin. I have heard the IPL only works best... READ MORE

Which Laser Treatment is Best to Get Overall Good Facial Skin?

Im in my 30's and would like to consider some laser therapy for my facial skin, I have dark brown cystic acne spots on both of my lower cheeks, very... READ MORE

Sorprano or Nd:Yag for Type IV Light Pakistani Skin and Black Hair?

I'm debating on whether to go with the Sorprano (which claims to be virtually pain-free) at a local spa, or go with an experienced cosmetic... READ MORE

I had laser treatment 6 months ago for minor acne scars. Now I have redness, more scars & volume loss. What can I do? (Photo)

I hawe a lot of new scars after laser treatment. Doctor hawe done 3 laser and after prp on the same time. Is 6 months that i look horrible i lost my... READ MORE

What can I do for the bumps on my nose? (photos)

I am 33 years old now i have these small bumps on nose for the past 7 years they never go away i am fair skin and even they are of the same colour i... READ MORE

What is the best laser/procedure to reduce pore size, tighter skin and improve the overall texture of the skin? (photos)

I'm 37 years old and have always had large pores, but feel as if the have become more noticible with age and I'm really unhappy with the texture of my... READ MORE

My problem is wrinkles, crappiness in the oral area. Could a major laser treatment make things worse?

If I have crappiness and wrinkles on lower face (oral area) and have a major laser treatment performed by a plastic surgeon, could it create more... READ MORE

Should I get the laser treatment for my under eye? (Photo)

I'm 20, I've had eye bags/dark circles every since I was little. Will getting the laser treatment help eliminate it? READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Dark Laser Scars on my Face? (photo)

I was doing dark spot laser removal on my face, and it didn't work the spots were getting darker and bigger. The doctor recommended to do the laser... READ MORE

What is the best laser/procedure to even out skin tone, smooth the skin, and give a youthful look?

I am almost 25 years old. My skin used to be very even-toned as I used to tan but the past few years I have been away from the sun and my skin has... READ MORE

Are low blood platelets a contraindication to having laser to telangiectasia on the nose? (Photo)

HI, after revision rhinoplasty after which I suffered a bad infection which took months to subside. I developed acne rosacea over my entire face and... READ MORE

Is this normal and will this close on its own?? Belly button laser after umbilical hernia surgery to remove redness. (photo)

I had my belly button lasered on Sept. 20 at my surgeons office because after my May 2015 umbilical hernia repair, the inside of the belly button was... READ MORE

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