Keloid Scar + Laser Treatment

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Most Effective Laser Treatment for Keloid Scarring on Chest?

I've received 8 treatments of 5FU injections into the keloids. The keloids have responded well, as in they have reduced and not regrown. I also... READ MORE

Keloid Laser Removal

After trying almost everything i have decided i want to use a Laser removal technique for my keloids. I wanted to know if you need insurance to get an... READ MORE

Will Laser Treatment Help Keloids from Breast Reduction Surgery?

Should I consider Laser Surgery to remove Keloids in sensitive areas of both breasts? Breast reduction in 2006 resulting in Keloids on every area cut;... READ MORE

Best laser treatment for Keloid and/or Hypertrophic scarring? (photos)

I have had these scars for over a decade. Some doctors have referred to my scars as Keloids while others have said Hypertrophic scars. Besides being... READ MORE

Am I likely to have keloid scarring after laser treatment? And how can you avoid this?

I've seen pictures of people's laser treatments turning into keloids. I have never had one and I don't scar that easily. Just wondering if this is... READ MORE

What type of laser treatment is suitable for acne scars? (Photo)

What type of laser treatment that suits for my acne scars? I do have keloids scars on my jawlines and the rest of the scars I couldn't tell which... READ MORE

Can the Q Switched Ruby Laser Treatment Cause Scarring or Keloids?

Also will is it suitable for darker skin tones? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Zyclara on a Chest Blister to Prevent Keloids?

I got the Palomar Lux G to treat the redness left by my chest keloids. I usually get cortisone treatments to flatten them as well. A blister formed... READ MORE

Laser Treatment or Surgery for White Scar?

When I was 6 years old, I had a cut on my right cheek due to an accident. I needed to have it stitched it immediately to stop the bleeding. The doctor... READ MORE

How can my chest/back keloid scars be treated? (photo)

I have been undergoing a series of injections to flatten our the keloid scars. I am looking for some kind of treatment options to improve the look of... READ MORE

Which laser procedure would be best to tighten the skin on my abdomen? I'm 26 y/o, African-American, 120 lbs. (photos)

I'm completely against having a tummy tuck because I usually develop hypertrophic or keloid scars. I have been shedding pounds since my daughter's... READ MORE

What can I do to help my thin skin and atrophy? It is so thin i think i am feeling the mesh

I had stomach surgery for a growth on my rectal stomach muscle. Alot of my muscle was removed and mesh put ontop. My scar is about 5 inches long and... READ MORE

Scarring around nipple. Will laser treatment help with hypothermic scars around nipple from nipple lift?

Will laser treatment help with hypothermic scars around nipple from nipple lift? If I have scar revision, would it help if I had radiotherapy on scars... READ MORE

Dark Scars, Keloids, Ingrowns,& Razor bumps! How do go about improving this area? Am I a candidate for laser treatments?(photos)

Hello RealSelf Doctors! I am suffering from all the common bikini area issues! It took me a while to realize waxing and shaving were not for me.... READ MORE

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