Hypopigmentation + Laser Treatment

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Will my Skin Even out After Lightening Due to Laser Treatment

About 4 weeks ago I had laser (candella gentlelase) done to remove some sun spots. I didn't do any research on this and I'm pretty sick about the... READ MORE

First Degree Burn After Laser Treatment, What Should I Do?

I am 24 years old and had some folliculitis under my stomach and down my bikini line i have brown/ dark skin i had my laser treatment done last week... READ MORE

What Laser Treatments Are Available for Hypopigmentation?

I have a number of small and large hypopigmented areas on my face due to injury and acne. Please help me learn what treatments are available (I've... READ MORE

Getting Rid of Hypopigmentation Caused by a Laser Treatment?

I have a few scars from a previous Laser treatment, which have now turned white. Are there any treatments available for hypopigmentation? READ MORE

Is post laser hypopigmentation permanent? (Photo)

After laser treatment I noticed light scabing on my arm which eventually healed and turned to these whir spots. It's been about 3 monthes. I would... READ MORE

With your expertise and knowledge could you tell me what kind of laser treatment would be best to blend in hypopigmented scars?

My skin color is considered Fitzepatrick with lots of freckling. I had laser treatments done to correct sundamage. 1st treatment went well but during... READ MORE

Best procedure(s) to address poor texture after a radio frequency procedure? (photo)

I am left with orange peel texture, micro-scars that from lines (hard to pick up by a camera) & hypo pigmentation on my upper cheeks where I had... READ MORE

What type of laser and how deep do I need to go to correct my skin? (Photo)

What type of laser and how deep do I need to go to get a better texture of skin. I have tons of hyperpigmentation and a couple of acne scars. I also... READ MORE

Derm treatment for uneven skin tone, broken capillaries/tasia and thin skin on nose bridge and tip.

Wondering what treatments are possible to get even skin tone and reduce appearances of broken capillaries and possible hypopigmentation on tip and... READ MORE

Q switch laser hypopigmentation?

I have dark skin, and like most dark people ive tried all sorts of skin bleaching to make me whiter, the problem is all these creams and pills and... READ MORE

Chances of Hypopigmentation from Laser on Dark Asian Skin?

I'm Asian and wanted to have laser treatment to remove acne scars. Because I'm dark-skinned Asian, what are my chances of having my face being... READ MORE

Are There Any Lasers or Acne Scarring Treatments Allowed While on Accutane?

I've had acne since I was 10, everywhere over my body. I'm on the 3rd month of Accutane and I'm still getting constant acne still. My acne hasn't been... READ MORE

Is the SP Dynamis Laser safe for all skin types?

Is there any risk of hyper or hypopigmentation? READ MORE

Full skin depigmentation with q-switch laser?

I have medium to dark skin, and for personal reasons I want to fully depig my skin and look albino white, how can I permanently achieve this? I know... READ MORE

Is there a risk of hypopigmentation after micro laser peel?

I am considering 100 microns micro laser peel 2 passes my skin is type 4 is there a risk of hypo pigmentation because i know that melanin cells is in... READ MORE

What type of laser treatment should I get? (photos)

I am not sure on the type of scars I have they look like all three. Can you tell me what treatment would be best also I have hypo pigmentation why... READ MORE

Hypo and hyperpigmentation after q switch laser, it's been a year since I stopped hydroquinone, what should I do now? (photo)

I've had q switch laser and have now a hyperpigmented area with within white spots (hypopigmentation). Its been a year now since i stopped... READ MORE

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