Hypertrophic + Laser Treatment

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Which Laser is Best at Revising Hypertrophic Scars from Cuts? (photo)

I would like to have my scar revised. I want laser resurfacing for making it less noticable. But which laser treatment would be suitable? as there is... READ MORE

Cynosure Cynergy Laser. Will This Laser Causer Hair Follicle Loss On Upper Lip?

Will this laser cause hair follicle LOSS if used on the upper lip and both applications of this Multiplex system are used 585nm/PDL & 1064nm/NdYag... READ MORE

Best laser treatment for Keloid and/or Hypertrophic scarring? (photos)

I have had these scars for over a decade. Some doctors have referred to my scars as Keloids while others have said Hypertrophic scars. Besides being... READ MORE

What is the best laser treatment for hypertrophic scars?

I have three hypertrophic scars on my nose because of acne. it isn't that big or long but it is very noticeable on certain angle. they are circles in... READ MORE

Forehead hypertrophic scar has flattened from cortisone injections - is it okay to do lasers/microneedling on the area? (Photo)

I had a big lesion on my forehead (from picking) which finally healed over (& I stopped picking!) but was left with a raised area on my forehead about... READ MORE

Best laser treatments to remove bulk of hypertrophic tissue?

Hello I have had radiesse around my cheekbone and jawline over a year ago and have developed hypertrophic scar tissue in the same area. Is there any... READ MORE

What are these white masses in my injection and laser treated scars? (Photos)

I had scar revision injections to flatten some hypertrophic scars. I then had one laser treatment to lessen the redness, but I was unable to follow up... READ MORE

Best Laser for a Hypertropic Scar with Discoloration?

Greetings: I have a surgical scar. There also is some darker discoloration. I have become so confused though, with all the different lasers. Which do... READ MORE

What is the best laser scar treatment for hypertrophic scaring on the lip? Could laser treatment making my scar worse? (photo)

I developed some hypertrophic scaring and a bunch of hard scar tissue build up inside my lip from a lip laceration. I received 2 Kenalog shots for the... READ MORE

Which laser procedure would be best to tighten the skin on my abdomen? I'm 26 y/o, African-American, 120 lbs. (photos)

I'm completely against having a tummy tuck because I usually develop hypertrophic or keloid scars. I have been shedding pounds since my daughter's... READ MORE

When is the best time to try laser methods for scar reduction?

I have 7 week old hypertrophic scars around my eyes caused by aggressive co2/erbium resurfacing. I'm currently trying vbeam, steriod injections and... READ MORE

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