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Laser Marks left from Cutera Pearl Laser 10 months later. Please help. Treated for mild acne scars

I had a deep laser treatment done last March. The healing was very long, I couldn’t go out of the house for two weeks. It has now been 10 months and i... READ MORE

Can orange and yellow ink be removed, if so what is the best way? Will it leave a scar?

I have an orange and yellow tattoo with black outline that I cannot live with! It's newly healed. Please advise on the best laser to remove without... READ MORE

Need help finding a non-surgical

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Phenol Peel vs Ablative Laser vs Fractional Non-Ablative Laser to address wrinkles and texture.

I'm addressing mild/moderate wrinkling and texture issues. My questions: Do fractional non-ablative lasers reach further into the dermis than ablative... READ MORE

Will my laser marks go away if they have been on my face for almost 2 months post treatment?

When I had my last ProFractional Laser treatment on January 3rd, my dermatologist went deeper with the laser to get rid of my acne scars better.... READ MORE

Laser spot removal burn isn't healing. (photo)

I had a treatment 2 months ago to remove a childhood scar on my cheek. The technician used three different kinds of laser. I think one of them was... READ MORE

Blisters after laser brown spot removal? (Photo)

I just had the Candela Gentlelase used on my arms to remove age/sun spots. Some of the bigger spots appear to have blistered. I've had the same laser... READ MORE

How to remove these whiteheads present under my eyes? (Photos)

I don't know what it is actually.people called this as Milia present under my eyes but now its spreading on cheeks although size is negligible .... READ MORE

1 week after laser treatment for port wine stain on arm and it still hasn't healed. Can I put fake tan on after laser? (photo)

I have a port wine stain on my arm and I have been getting it lasered. The last time I got it lasered was last week but it still hasn’t heeled. I w... READ MORE

Freckles after laser treatment?

I had my first laser treatment 3days ago..doc. recommend me to apply fucidic cream but it goes more darker in that area,will it heel that area by... READ MORE

Is it safe to resume use of finacea gel 2 weeks after deka laser procedure?

Had deka laser 3 weeks ago. I am still very red (have to wear a lot of concealer) and have tight feeling skin. Taking finacea gel for acne prior to... READ MORE

Had a Q-Switch session for acne scars. Now more redness and the scars are more prominent than before, is that normal?

I had a Q switch session .I have bag acne scars . I had my 1 st session of Q switch Lazer. I wanted to knw for few days there is lot of redness and... READ MORE

Will an infrared sauna help my eyes heal faster from fillers?

Will an infared sauna help my eyes heal faster from fillers. I have a lot of swelling and bruising in my second day. Icing for first 48 but now I’d l... READ MORE

Q switch laser for dark spots, what's the healing time and how long do you have to wait in between sessions? (photos)

Q switch laser for dark spots on face healing time. what is the waiting time between two sessions. Can chemical peels and laser treatment be done... READ MORE

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