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How long does it take after the laser treatment to say full healing has occurred? (photos)

Hi, My son had a laser treatment (candela pulsed dye) about 3 weeks ago for PWS. Although the bruising has resolved, it's still quite red. How do I... READ MORE

Help! Is this the normal healing process after strong Aerolase laser treatment? (photo)

I had an Aerolase laser facial last Thursday. I have a wide scarred pore hole/ice pick in the center of my nose that gets clogged w/oil and has been... READ MORE

Laser Scars Not Healing, What Can I Do?

I had laser treatment a month ago to soften the appearance of my brown spot (freckles). during the laser treatment, it felt like a rubber band snapped... READ MORE

Will this laser burn heal/ or leave scarring on my chin? (photos)

I had laser done on my face four weeks. End of the session I was left with a hard dark coloured chin. The beautician told me to apply aloe Vera gel on... READ MORE

How long does it take for moles/pigmentation to heal from laser? (photos)

I had some ablative laser done a few hours ago and it obviously bled. They are red, scabby and bad looking. How long does it usually take for these to... READ MORE

Is this a bruise/broken capillary, can it be treated with a laser, what should I do until I get an appt to care for it? (photo)

So, it seems I scratched the very delicate skin under my eye in my sleep. This is the result. Will this heal like a bruise, or is it likely a broken... READ MORE

FX Laser Causing Cystic Acne

I had an FX laser 10 days ago. I am 63 years old and take excellent care of my skin but wanted tightening of skin/pores, remove sun spots and... READ MORE

Laser pattern marks on face?

I was given a way too aggressive Session on Gemini laser. 10 weeks later the texture of my skin has changed dramatically (Lined, crepey, rough) and I... READ MORE

Is this normal after laser treatment for spider veins in ankles? (Photos)

I had laser therapy on my ankles for spider veins three weeks ago . So far the areas actually look worse? These areas were treated with the "... READ MORE

Gaping hole after laser removal of closed comedone, how long does this take to heal?

I have a closed comedone below my eye which the doctor lasered then squeezed out. The scab fell off 3 days later and there's now a ugly red hole where... READ MORE

Laser burn: Can I ever heal from this? (Photos)

I have being taking care of it myself can even open up my self to anyone. But after seeing other posts, I have decided to give it a go. 5th of July... READ MORE

Blistering After VariLite Treatment; Is This Normal? (photo)

Thursday afternoon I had a VariLite treatment for 1 brown spot and some broken blood vessels on my chin and nose. The brown spot and my chin both... READ MORE

Is Juvia Recommended for Slow Healing Patient?

Do you recommend Juvia when you know your skin does not heal very well? I'm 62 years old and my skin bruises easily and heals very very slowly.... READ MORE

I underwent spectra laser treatment with SPF moisturiser on by mistake. Will this prolong/delay healing and/or damage my skin?

During one of my spectra laser treatments, I forgot to mention to my dermatologist that I was wearing SPF moisturiser. Nothing seems to have happened... READ MORE

I have blisters the day after KTP laser on facial telangiectasias. Please advise on proper care so I can avoid scarring.

Also, how long should I wait for round 2 on the same telangiectasias? Is blistering common? What should I expect in the next few weeks as far as... READ MORE

I'm 11 days post laser for hyperpigmentation. Will these burns heal? (Photo)

Do I need to do anything besides neosporin, hydrocortisone and sunscreen? READ MORE

Could patients damaged by radio frequency, lasers, and ultherapy ( scalp, nerve damage) be healed faster with HGH?

Or other supplements. There's a lot of the following that have skin damage, fat loss, etc. Would hgh speed that recovery? READ MORE

Please help - I seem to have really bad scarring after PLEXR treatment. (photos)

Hi , I had a Plexr treatment about 18 days ago and following the most painful swelling and crusty eyes for 9 days I am now left with very uneven and... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Botched laser treatment - Face never healed, texture has become orange peel and liney.

Main issue that Gemini was targeting- broken caps around nose and minor redness in cheeks. Done 4 months ago, no sun exposure before/after. Face never... READ MORE

Is blistering normal? How long does the "sunburnt" phase really take to fully heal? (Photo)

I received Fotona 4D laser treatment 4 days ago. When I had the procedure done, I let the RN know that I had to return to work, so I couldn't do all... READ MORE

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