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Is There a Permanent Solution to Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

I am 27 and I am trying to figure out what procedure to use for my fine horizontal lines on my forehead, two semi-deep vertical line in between my... READ MORE

Can Receiving A Laser Treatment Cause Damage to my Eyes?

Yesterday I got my first BBL treatment. She placed some plastic goggles over my eyes and I kept them closed the entire time. Each flash caused them to... READ MORE

Is the Fractional CO2 Laser Procedure Right for Me?

I'm 47, male, with considerable sun damage around my eyes (serious dynamic wrinkles) that I know the CO2 laser could improve. However, when... READ MORE

No Results After 3 Weeks for Laser Treatment of Blue Veins Under Eye?

I have small (non-bulging) but very blue/purple veins under my eyes. Doctor used a 1064 yag nm laser. I had absolutely no side effects and the... READ MORE

Can Nlite damage eyes? (photo)

Have just had nlite close to eyes as lady was performing treatment I could see the light! is this normal? I did have goggles on. My eyes are really... READ MORE

What is the best laser treatment for under eye wrinkles i.e wrinkles that run under eye and part way down the cheek?

They are static lines now but caused by laughing / expression. Skin in good condition generally other than these lines! Two main lines under each eye.... READ MORE

Which laser would be most effective for sagging eyes and areas around the mouth? (Photo)

I am older, and considering laser treatment for sagging eyes and areas around the mouth. However, I am totally confused, in as much as each person... READ MORE

Madonna eyelift and laser used around mouth left me with scars and orange peel skin. What can be done to repair this? (Photo)

In August 2014 I had a "Madonna eyelift" and the same laser was used around my mouth chin and lower cheeks. It damaged my skin leaving lines and grid... READ MORE

Does the Palovia at Home Laser Work?

Does the Palovia at Home Laser Work and Can It Be Used in Other Areas Besides the Eyes? READ MORE

Quadralase Vs Palomar 1540 with Syneron Matrix?

Is Quadralase (CO2 Laser) or Palomar 1540 with Syneron Matrix more effective? I am debating which treatments would be more effective. Would the... READ MORE

Is it safe enough to use plastic eye shield during q switched laser therapy around the eye?

I used qswitch laser therapy for pigmentation around the eye . I had pigmentations on both side of my face , on my inferior orbial rim . The eye... READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment for Scar on Eye Area?

I have a scar underneath my eyebrow. What is the best laser treatment? READ MORE

Is the DIODE Laser Safe for if You Have New Lenses in Your Eyes from Cataract Surgery?

I just recently purchased a PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser Kit. I want to know if it is safe if I have new lenses in my eyes, because of Cataract... READ MORE

Risks to Having Laser Treatment When I Have Dry Eyes?

Risks for Laser Around the Eyes for Wrinkles when I Have Dry Eye? Which would be the best laser to use to minimize the risks? READ MORE

Laser caused fat loss?

I had laser done around my eye area several times with a three week resting period between. In the last week I've lost all volume under my eyes... READ MORE

Best Laser for Building Collagen in Orbital Eye Area?

I do not need resurfacing in the eye area, I do not have wrinkles yet! Botox is not doing the job and I am far too young for cutting skin off !(30) I... READ MORE

Can excimer/pharos laser treatment give you wrinkles?

I received excimer laser treatment around my eyes to treat vitiligo, and developed severe burns. After the burns healed, I was left with wrinkles... READ MORE

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