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Iridex Laser for Facial Redness and Broken Capillaries?

I had a bad microdermabrasion job done about a year ago. I had overused a peeling milk face wash before getting microdermabrasion. Now, I have a lot... READ MORE

Is Viora Refit (Viora Reaction) a legit abdominal skin tightening procedure? Tummy Tuck Alternative?

So for years I have heard that these tummy tuck alternatives don't work. That laser treatment will provide minimal to no results. But I looked at... READ MORE

Can Light Therapy Be Used After Botox Injections?

Or, will it conflict with the product? I've just recently had Botox injection, and am considering light therapy also. I would like to see if Light... READ MORE

Candela Ellipse Vs Palomar?

Which gives better results, a Candela Ellipse or Palomar? The place using the Candela is 3.5x more expensive. Looking to stimulate collagen and treat... READ MORE

Which Laser is Most Affective in Tightening Tummy Skin?

There are so many lasers out there it gets confusing and i know they are big money makers, but what really works and what doesn't? i know laser... READ MORE

Laser Treatment Help Burns and Redness Under Eyes?

I realise it was a stupid thing to do now but after lower blepharoplasty I applied boiled salty water to my stitches. I have been left with red marks... READ MORE

Will a q-switch laser work well with this sun spot? I have had it for years and am sick of it. Desperate to get it off. (Photo)

My derma said she could zap my sun spots and thinks it would only take one treatment with q switch yag laser and would cost $500. I've heard some... READ MORE

Do lasers actually work to remove body fat?

Ads for laser body sculpture are everywhere. READ MORE

Red light therapy - is it effective or is it outdated compared to other treatments.

I have turned 30 and actually have great skin (look 24) but have noticed those early signs of ageing. I love the idea of a treatment such as red light... READ MORE

Which laser more effective in skin resurfacing for AA female with texture problem, loads of hyperpigmentation (maybe melasma)

Which laser more effective in skin resurfacing for AA female with texture problem, loads of hyperpigmentation (maybe melasma) & a bit of acne... READ MORE

Need a procedure to shrink and melt some fat below cheek bones close to jaw but above to make face less rounded and plump?

What laser or treatment would this be cost and possible risks and to tighten skin what works absolutely the best READ MORE

Refirme Vs Aluma Vs Fraxel - Which is Better?

Can you recommend which is better between Refirme, Aluma or Fraxel? Are there any other recommendations? READ MORE

Does Perfector Laser Work Well for Face and Neck? How Many Treatments?

I am considering this treatment for my face and to tighten up the skin on my neck. Does it work? Is there downtime? What are the side effects? How... READ MORE

Spectra Lutronic 532nm: is it safe and effective for large pores?

Hello there, I find it a bit hard to find enough info on the spectra 532nm treatments. I love the before/after photos I found, but I've been advised... READ MORE

How Successful is BBL Followed by Micro Laser Peel?

How long do the results last after 2 treatments of BBL followed by Micro Laser Peel? A year, 2 years, 5 years? READ MORE

Do electrical devices that stimulate facial muscles really work to provide lifted facial and neck features? (photo)

How effective are devices for toning facial muscles that use bi-polar low voltage micro-current impulses to stimulate facial muscles? How often would... READ MORE

What is the most effective and versatile aesthetic laser to be used in a medical spa?

I am helping to open a wellness clinic and medical spa and would appreciate suggestions regarding which company/laser treatments to research. I have... READ MORE

Do you think that 150 micron Laser is effective? What do good results depend on? (photos)

Dears; I am 29 year old, I have deep acne scare. I recently have Laser treatment (150 micron) by (Asclepion (MCL30) - Er:YAG laser fractional ) : Do... READ MORE

Soprano ICE or Lightsheer Duet?

Which laser is best in terms of pain-wise on areas like bikini, and also in terms of effectiveness? Light/Fair skin with dark coarse hair thank you READ MORE

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