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I Am Left with Dark Spots After Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks Removal?

Can you please suggest me any medicine? I will be thankful to you if you can refer to me a doctor in India who can treat me? Thank you! READ MORE

How Much Would it Cost to Treat Freckles On My Face, and Who is Qualified to Perform This?

I have freckles all over my face and im in need of your help. Thank you READ MORE

Does Relume Treatment Work?

Does anyone know who offers ReLume treatments in Michigan? Does it work well? READ MORE

Are these cherry angioma or petechiae, and what is the appropriate treatment? (photos)

These red spots have accumulated over time and do not go away or lessen. They seem to be permanent. Does that mean they are cherry angioma, and can be... READ MORE

Ft. Lauderdale Infrared Laser Treatment Doctor Recommendations

I like to have Laser treatment on my face and neck for skin tightening. I'm thinking about Infrared Laser treatment. Where can I find a doctor in Fort... READ MORE

South Jersey CO2 Laser Doctor Recommendations

I have syringoma and need a doctor in South Jersey area who does CO2 laser. I am looking for CO2 laser and TCA peel to get rid of all the syringoma on... READ MORE

Are There Any Dermatologists in the US Known for Being Publicly Critical of Lasers and Does Not Use Lasers in His/her Practice?

You need not agree with their perspective. I am simply hoping to receive a referral for a dermatologist to give to a friend who has suffered laser... READ MORE

What is the latest and best laser technology to use for wrinkles and tightening under the eyes? Also down time? Thanks

I have been told laser treatment would be a good choice to remove wrinkles and tighten the skin under my eyes. What I need to know is specifically... READ MORE

Laser treatment for Nevus of Ota near Philadelphia, PA?

I have a dark blue/black birthmark (nevus of ota) that is located throughout the left side of my face. I have been searching for laser treatment... READ MORE

Syringoma Laser Treatment South Jersey Doctor Recommendations

Does anyone know a good doctor in South Jersey area where I can get laser treatment done for my syringoma? It has been getting worse and that makes me... READ MORE

How much is the Spectra Laser treatment? Is there any doctor in Orange County? Irvine, CA?

How much is the Spectra Laser treatment? how many times do you go to get the treatment? Is there financing? Is there any Doctor in Orange County who... READ MORE

Results of Verju Laser? Are its claims of weight and cellulite reduction justified.

What can one safely expect for results if any? How many sessions to see results? I have heavy thighs that I would like reduced and shaped/smoothed.... READ MORE

How to Choose Doctor for a Laser Treatment for Scars?

I have face scars due to acne and skin picking, they've been defined hyperpigmented scars. My physician examined me and stated that laser treatment... READ MORE

I have a nevus of ota on the right side of my face. Can anyone guide me with the treatment of this in Bangalore?

I have consulted various dermatlogist in Bangalore. They have suggested laser traetment for various sittings. I want to know which nd yag laser is... READ MORE

African American laser treatment in the Atlanta area?

Are there any surgeons or dermatologists who perform laser treatment on African Americans in the Atlanta area? I would like to try the QS CO2 laser or... READ MORE

Are there any laser clinics in UK or my area in west Yorkshire that treat hemosiderin on the face with QP switched lasers?

Had fillers on my mouth corners in the past and they hit blood vessels resulting in a brownish greenish stain under my skin (hemosiderin) had it for... READ MORE

What are the cost of laser treatment for consultation and removal of cafe au lait spot/discoloration? (photos)

Mixed asian descent, female, had this discoloration along chest with freckling with a very noticeable cafe au lait spot on neck since child.Looking to... READ MORE

I am looking for a top doctor in Northern CA. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hollows filled around eyes. Volume added to lower face. Jowls shaped up a bit more.chin/ neck lipo Would also like a good peel or laser treatment to... READ MORE

Does anyone in London do laser for broken capillaries on the eyelid?

Hi, I have small red capillaries on my upper eye lid I would like to remove. I have already removed blue veins (with Laser) around the eye lid, but... READ MORE

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