Discoloration + Laser Treatment

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Best Laser Treatment for Resurfacing and Facial Rejuvenation?

Fraxel, Active FX, or Sciton Laser? It is very confusing which one to have done. My goal is to improve tone, fine wrinkles and discolorations. I work... READ MORE

Laser Treatment That Helps Multiple Problems at Once?

Is there any type of Laser treatment that can help with acne scars, large pores, lines, discoloration and rosacea at the same time? I have rosacea... READ MORE

Worried About Laser and Facial Blistering- Will It Go Away? (photo)

I am a medium skin African American and had my second laser treatment on my face to remove discoloration. That same evening I had severer blistering... READ MORE

Loss of Lips Pigmentation After Laser Treatment.Can the Colour Be Recovered?And How Long Will It Take?

Loss of lips pigmentation after laser treatment.Can the colour be recovered?And how long will it take(they have been two months allready and it has... READ MORE

Most Effective Laser Treatment for Keloid Scarring on Chest?

I've received 8 treatments of 5FU injections into the keloids. The keloids have responded well, as in they have reduced and not regrown. I also... READ MORE

High pigmentation / discoloration around lips and broken capillaries on face? (Photo)

I've been saving quite a bit of cash to do a procedure that would fix my extreme discoloration around my mouth and as you could see in the pictures my... READ MORE

Which Laser Treatment is Best to Get Overall Good Facial Skin?

Im in my 30's and would like to consider some laser therapy for my facial skin, I have dark brown cystic acne spots on both of my lower cheeks, very... READ MORE

My facial scar has more discolored after laser treatment. What should I do? (photo)

I had lazer treatment on face for small scar. There is little upliftment in scar skin but the scar is of liter color then face skin. It is now more... READ MORE

Can I get laser treatment done for my type of skin complexion because I have really bad skin discoloration?

See I went to a dermatologist and they prescribed to me a lightening cream for my discoloration, only problem with that is that I have used skin... READ MORE

I had my seventh laser treatment today on my face. My face seems to have some discoloration. Why? (photos)

I had my seventh laser treatment today on my face. it was after a gap of almost a year and i walked out into the sun immediately after. my face seems... READ MORE

Lasers Safe to Use on Penis Head (Glans) and Inner Foreskin?

Are lasers safe to use on the penis head (glans) and inner foreskin for texture issues (to smooth out the skin) and also to erase brown and red... READ MORE

Is Contour Laser Effective for Deep Pitted Scars?

Originally, I was interested in a Vi-Peel. I was recommended to a dermatologist center by my initial dermatologist for a laser treatment. I do have... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Pink Discoloration on Skin?

I took docycycline for a year and a half and it turned my tan skin on my face into a pink, discolored mess. I have tried many home treatments even a... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Discoloration Normal Following Cool Touch Laser Treatment?

I just had cool touch laser treatment done to get rid of blood vessel on my lower eyelid and now a have some red discoloration. Sort of looks like I... READ MORE

Best Laser for a Hypertropic Scar with Discoloration?

Greetings: I have a surgical scar. There also is some darker discoloration. I have become so confused though, with all the different lasers. Which do... READ MORE

Is Spectra the best laser for dark patches, brown spots & discolorations?

Is Spectra the best laser for dark patches, brown spots & discolorations? What are some other comparable lasers for discoloration on ethnic or darker... READ MORE

How to remove discoloration after laser as soon as possible?

2 weeks ago, I removed spots on my face by laser. Since 7th day, I didn't protect because he didn't give me any instruction. I thought that the... READ MORE

Horrible Skin with LOTS of Problems! What Treatments Would You Suggest? Money No Object! (photo)

Suffering from blemishes, freckles that are clumping together, dark discolouration around the eyes, fine lines, enlarged pores, spider veins around... READ MORE

Black/dark pinkish eye and skin discolored under eye & face after accident. A dark mark on right side of forehead?

My fiance met with an accident 3yrs ago and since year and half her skin around eye,skin below eye spread over right side of face only started turning... READ MORE

Is the Alma Fluorescence Technology (AFT) laser for reducing age and sun spots safe for American American skin? (Photo)

This procedure and technique was recommended to me by med spa staff for reducing my facial discoloration and spots because it had less risk compared... READ MORE

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