Dark Skin + Laser Treatment

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Will this laser burn heal/ or leave scarring on my chin? (photos)

I had laser done on my face four weeks. End of the session I was left with a hard dark coloured chin. The beautician told me to apply aloe Vera gel on... READ MORE

What is the Best Laser Treatment for Spots and Winklers for Darker Skin?

What is the Best Laser Treatment for Spots and Winklers for Darker Skin? READ MORE

Laser treatment for moderate rhinophyma - is this a good option for non-fair skin (type 3; Mediterranean)?

Concerned about my condition and want to ensure slightly darker skin doesn't disqualify me. I can live with increased risk of pigmentation. Thx for... READ MORE

Burn after Candela Alexandrite Lazer treatment. What are my treatment options? (photos)

I made Candela Alexandrite Lazer treatment 5 days ago and I have terrible burn. My doctor said that she made the treatment on 14 charge. She was also... READ MORE

Darker skin and looking older due to laser treatment done 15 years ago?

I had laser treatment at the age of 21 since i had Acne scars, deep holes on my face. I had brown skin. After the Laser treatment, my skin turned... READ MORE

Could laser treatment or microdermabrasion restore pigmentation and reduce the scarring on toes of an African American? (Photo)

After years of wearing poorly fitted shoes I have hideous scars/bumps on my toes that lack pigmentation. I use makeup to conceal but I need a... READ MORE

What's the best laser facial treatment for darker skin tone in NYC?

What's the best laser treatment for the face to lighten and even out dark skin that has been damaged from sun and light box (utacria reason)? I'm... READ MORE

What is the most effective laser to remove hyperpigmentation on dark skin?

I had a burn scar and im desperate to get it treated my skin type is fitzpatrick iv READ MORE

Is c6 laser treatment recommended for hyperpigmentation on the face for dark skin?

Is c6 laser treatment recommended for hyperpigmentation on the face for dark skin? READ MORE

Can Palomar 1540nm permanently reduce pore size?

I've read that non-ablative laser treatments can shrink pore size permanently. I'm currently getting Palomar 1540 treatment for acne scars/skin... READ MORE

I am Vinutha, 24 years old. I have got very dark knees, please suggest me prefect treatment. Laser or chemical peel?

I love to wear shorts but as I am a sports person I ended up with very dark knees, please suggest me few treatments I can go with like some peels or... READ MORE

Q switch laser hypopigmentation?

I have dark skin, and like most dark people ive tried all sorts of skin bleaching to make me whiter, the problem is all these creams and pills and... READ MORE

Darker Skin Around Freckles After Laser Treatment? (photo)

This was done on Christmas Eve. Anyways, he zapped a laser at individual freckles because I only has like 20 maybe? So each freckle got swollen like... READ MORE

Laser treatments for glowing skin making my skin darker

My skin becomes too much dark and now not any cleanser, home remedies nd facial works to make my skin glowing. my skin become dull nd dark and also... READ MORE

Can coblation laser therapy treat mild rhinophyma in Fitzpatrick 4 skin? (photos)

 I've read of laser difficulty in darker skin in years past. Is this a viable option today? If not, does anyone have a solution which would allow... READ MORE

Why is it betetr to take Q switched laser for my under eye hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

I have had chemical peeling almost for 6 times but this make it so worse and now some people advise me to take Q switched laser for my under eye... READ MORE

I want to have dark spots removed from my legs and inner/outer thighs (Photo)

Laser treatment is more difficult on darker skin because of improper laser type, I need a doctor that deals specifically with darker skin tones. I am... READ MORE

I've been suffering from hirsutism. I'm now 23. I shave so my skin has darkened and I have folliculitis. Any suggestion? (photo)

Since the age of 15 , I have been suffering from hirsutism. I'm a dark skinned black woman. Does laser treatment lead to permanent hair reduction... READ MORE

1 months post op, I have black under eyes after 2 sessions of laser treatment. Is this normal? (photo)

I had a laser treatment 1 month ago gor my gmdark circles. Since last one month, my under eyes skin has become completely black. I am an indian with... READ MORE

Couperose - laser treatments for dark skin?

I'm a 25-year-old female with terrible spider veins all over my face, which I got after very highly dosed (intravenous) cortisone treatments in my... READ MORE

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