Dark Circles + Laser Treatment

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Laser Treatment for Dark Circles and Dark Spots on Face is Effective?

Hi I am 25 year old girl. I have very strong dark circles under my eyes. I tried every home remedies and all product nothing is working on my skin. I... READ MORE

Dark Circles Under Eyes: Laser and Juvederm Side Effects

Dark under eyes: One month ago a plastic surgeon used a laser to correct extra blood flow and Juvederm for the hollows. My eyes have been irritated... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Around Mouth and Nose??

Hi , Please some one help me to get rid of black circles which is there around mouth.Day be day its going worst. I have tried so much of home tips,... READ MORE

Is There a Laser Treatment for Dark Under Eye Circles?

Is There a Laser Treatment for Dark Under Eye Circles? READ MORE

How long does it take for swelling under the eyes from laser to reduce?

I had laser done under my eyes for dark circles, but the swelling under my eyes, and around my cheekbones (I have high cheekbones that start under my... READ MORE

Will Laser Treatment Clear Dark Circles? (photo)

Dear Doctors, i have dark circles characterised by a dark color and by a SLIGHT line . My dermatologist advise me against restylane injection because... READ MORE

Is laser effective for my condition? (Dark circles and wrinkles) (Photo)

I am 20 yrs old & I hate how my eye area looks. I have had dark circles since I was a child & was often made fun of because of them. I feel very self... READ MORE

What is the best laser treatment for freckles sun damaged skin ?

From abuse of the tanning bed (which I no longer use) I developed very uneven skin, sun spots/ freckles on my face and also dark circles under my eyes... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about spots of blood under skin after Q-switch laser? (Photo)

A few days ago I went in for a Q-switch laser treatment for my very dark circles and the doctor did a small test, and although it cleared up the... READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment for Dark Circles?

I have dark brown or black under eye circles due to years of sun exposure. An active person outside and never wore any sunblock or sunglasses. Creams... READ MORE

Is Laser Treatment for Dark Circles Risk-free?

I am a 22-year-old female and I have dark circles for last 3 years. I'm really fed up and want to get rid of them. Will laser treatment get... READ MORE

Does Laser Treatment Hurt While Being Done?

I will be getting a laser treatment for the skin under my eyes. I am 51 years old and have fine lines, wrinkles, and some darkness under my eyes. How... READ MORE

Laser Correction for Keratosis Pilaris Rubra Faceii and Dark Under Eye Circles?

1.What kind of laser treatment could correct my KPRF AKA constantly flushed cheeks? 2. How many treatments would I need and 3. what would be the cost?... READ MORE

Is there a laser surgery that can treat the bruising that was left over from a nose injury (from 3 years ago)?

Had two black eyes and a cut across my nose and a bump now exists along with a scar. There are dark circles and a dark line across the top of my nose... READ MORE

What is the best Laser treatment effective for both under eye fine lines and dark circles?

As my photos show I have a few wrinkles under my eyes but under-eye dark circles ( which I am not sure what has caused them) is as big of a problem... READ MORE

5 days post op dark circles laser treatment, why is it all purple and looks bruised? (photos)

I got a laser treatment done for dark circles 5 days ago? It looks like it's bruised and my skin is peeling which was expected but why is it all... READ MORE

How can I eliminate or lighten the darkness around my eyes? Are laser treatments my only option?

Have tried various products. Retinol - teamine, hydroquinone usp 4% once day at night and other nonsense products to no avail. Have developed terrible... READ MORE

Is there any type of side effect of laser on our eye circle?

After the doctor did the laser on my eye circle my eye sight became weak is it because of the laser. READ MORE

I have enlarged veins and hyperpigmentation around eyes. Am I a candidate for laser therapy to reduce dark eye circles? (Photo)

Born with thin skin and enlarged veins on both upper and lower eye area causing extreme dark circles. Picture shows no makeup on left and makeup on... READ MORE

Would laser treatment or microdermabrasion be effective to treat my under eye circles? What options should I consider?(photo)

I am 23 and have had these undereye circles for as long as i remember.......even in my childhood days. What are the best treatment options that would... READ MORE

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