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Possible Sweat Gland Damage After Laser Treatments

I had a full facial MicroLaser Peel (20 micron depth) and 20% ProFractional Laser Resurfacing (200 micron depth) done 16 days ago. I'm worried that... READ MORE

Can Receiving A Laser Treatment Cause Damage to my Eyes?

Yesterday I got my first BBL treatment. She placed some plastic goggles over my eyes and I kept them closed the entire time. Each flash caused them to... READ MORE

What are the best laser treatments to treat damage due to tanning? (Photo)

I have a lot of sun spots mainly on my arms and legs. Ive tried IPL and got little to no results. These spots I have are very stubborn!! Ive... READ MORE

Can Light Therapy Be Used After Botox Injections?

Or, will it conflict with the product? I've just recently had Botox injection, and am considering light therapy also. I would like to see if Light... READ MORE

Are There Any Dermatologists in the US Known for Being Publicly Critical of Lasers and Does Not Use Lasers in His/her Practice?

You need not agree with their perspective. I am simply hoping to receive a referral for a dermatologist to give to a friend who has suffered laser... READ MORE

I had a KTP laser to remove broken capillaries and I still have some red marks, will they fade it away?

I had a ktp laser 10 days ago to remove my broken capillaries on the face and around the eye area ,close to the cheeks ,and i had few blisters ,but... READ MORE

Can Nlite damage eyes? (photo)

Have just had nlite close to eyes as lady was performing treatment I could see the light! is this normal? I did have goggles on. My eyes are really... READ MORE

What Laser Treatment is best for broken blood vessels?

I have extremely fragile and damaged skin from injury during surgery. The V Beam, Excel V and IPL are options I have heard about. Which is the safest... READ MORE

Do laser treatments actually damage or break down the skin long-term?

I would like to get laser therapy to tighten and smooth my face. I do not have a lot of skin concerns yet but would like to stay ahead of them.... READ MORE

How can I make sure that my eyes are not damaged by the IPL hair removal device?

I was doing an IPL hair removal treatment ,that by mistake it flashes directly to my eyes without any goggles ,there was no tears ! I could see the... READ MORE

Omnilux - Will It Damage Eyesight? I Was Very Sensitive To The Light During Treatment, Is This Normal?

I've purchased a series of omnilux light treatments. I had the first one a week ago. I had two strips of gauze rested on top of my eyes, and then... READ MORE

Can BBL Harm Your Skin?

Hi I had a BBl/Sciton laser treatment 5 months ago. The settings were Fluence 20/Pulses 54/Passes 2/ Wavelength 560/ Pulse Width 20/ Chill Temp 20 I... READ MORE

Can There be Under Skin Damage?

A laser tech got annoyed when I asked her to go over spots she missed and held down the gun on several spots approximately 4 seconds each, causing... READ MORE

Is it safe enough to use plastic eye shield during q switched laser therapy around the eye?

I used qswitch laser therapy for pigmentation around the eye . I had pigmentations on both side of my face , on my inferior orbial rim . The eye... READ MORE

I underwent spectra laser treatment with SPF moisturiser on by mistake. Will this prolong/delay healing and/or damage my skin?

During one of my spectra laser treatments, I forgot to mention to my dermatologist that I was wearing SPF moisturiser. Nothing seems to have happened... READ MORE

Any topical creams for laser damage? (photo)

I am 3 months post Sciton laser . My skin has what looks like enlarged pores and lines like whiskers . Has anyone found any products to minimize the... READ MORE

Damage from Laser. How do I fix this mess?

I had Erbium laser for scars 8 yrs ago, I got scars, fat loss, broken blood vessels & pigmentation. Doctors suggested more laser to fix the damage but... READ MORE

How can I fix laser damage? And why does this happen to some people? (photos)

I have little dot like scars all over my face from laser. I am severely depressed and want some answers. There seems to be many on here with the same... READ MORE

Does laser acne scar removal damage the hair follicles of the beard region and kill it?

I'm thinking about doing acne scar removal treatments and I am afraid that it will damage my beard hair follicles and won't grow back afterwards. READ MORE

Could patients damaged by radio frequency, lasers, and ultherapy ( scalp, nerve damage) be healed faster with HGH?

Or other supplements. There's a lot of the following that have skin damage, fat loss, etc. Would hgh speed that recovery? READ MORE

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