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Is IPL or Fraxel Best Treatment for Sunspots?

Hi, I have sunspots on my face I would like to get rid of. Is IPL or Fraxel most effective for sunspots and how long do the results last? READ MORE

What do you know about the new Halo laser treatment by Sciton? Is this something I should consider having instead of Fraxel?

What is the difference between the two? What will I look like after? What type of results can I expect, and how much does it cost? How many will I need? READ MORE

Which Laser is Best for Facial and Neck Wrinkles? What Do You Think of Smartskin Laser?

Which Laser is Best for Facial and Neck Wrinkles? What Do You Think of Smartskin Laser? READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment for Resurfacing and Facial Rejuvenation?

Fraxel, Active FX, or Sciton Laser? It is very confusing which one to have done. My goal is to improve tone, fine wrinkles and discolorations. I work... READ MORE

Which Laser is Best for Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation?

I have been considering Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, but I am confused about who to go to for the procedure. I have asked the doctors about the... READ MORE

Laser Vs Chemical Peel for Stretched & Saggy Lower Eyelid Skin After Juvederm Overfill

Further to my previous question about bags from Juvederm, I am now wondering what the best option is to address my stretched and saggy skin now that... READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment for Under Eye Pigmentation?

Do you think the IPL treatment is the most effective laser against under-eye blood vessels and pigmentation? What do you recommend is the most... READ MORE

What's the Best Laser Treatment for Crepey Skin and Crows Feet?

I am 50 and considering Refirme or Accent or Fractional Laser for the crepey skin and crow's feet under my eyes and to tighten my eyelids. Which do... READ MORE

Most Effective Laser Treatment for Keloid Scarring on Chest?

I've received 8 treatments of 5FU injections into the keloids. The keloids have responded well, as in they have reduced and not regrown. I also... READ MORE

CO2 Fractional Laser Vs. Titan Genesis Treatment

I am considering having some work done on my face,primarly to tighten and take out the red and sun spots. I am a 50 year old female. One office is... READ MORE

I Am Have a Light Olive Complexion And Want my Neck and Jowls Tightened. Which Laser is Better?

I Am Have a Light Olive Complexion And Want my Neck and Jowls Tightened.  Which Laser is Better? Also want to reduce redness. Should I use the... READ MORE

Gentle Yag Vs IPL Vs VBEAM Vs Fraxel Restore?

What is the difference between these lasers? whcih is the best option for skin rejuvenation (to improve quality, tone and color of skin) and has less... READ MORE

How Safe Are Different Types of Lasers?

I've read scores of reviews from patients who have suffered scars, milia, leathery skin, burns and laser imprints for years after their procedure.... READ MORE

Polaris Vs TCA Peel

Hi i want to get rid of vertical lip lines and tighten my skin and heard polaris can do this..or would a TCA peel be better derma roller has not... READ MORE

Candela Ellipse Vs Palomar?

Which gives better results, a Candela Ellipse or Palomar? The place using the Candela is 3.5x more expensive. Looking to stimulate collagen and treat... READ MORE

Refirme Vs Aluma Vs Fraxel - Which is Better?

Can you recommend which is better between Refirme, Aluma or Fraxel? Are there any other recommendations? READ MORE

Difference Between Types of CO2 Lasers?

I have heard there are different types of CO2 Laser. Can you explain the difference?   READ MORE

What's the Difference in Treatment and Results Between Affirm, E-Matrix and Fraxel?

I purchased E-Matrix series for sun spots and wrinkles from a chain that offers Affirm at another location. I can have either treatment or combination... READ MORE

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