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Does Laser Skin Treatment Stimulate Collagen Production?

I am in my late 20s and I want to do something for myself now that will help me age a bit better.  I've heard that lasers can stimulate... READ MORE

Laser or Peels to Thicken Under Eye Skin?

The skin on my lower eyelids has always been incredibly thin. Would lasers treatment or chemical peels help thicken the skin underneath my eyes, plus... READ MORE

Preventing Collagen Loss, Broken Capillaries and Brown Spots

I am a female who just turned 25. I would like to start a skin care treatment to prevent collagen loss, broken capillaries, and brown spots. What... READ MORE

Non-ablative Lasers Increase Collagen Production?

Do non-ablative lasers actually do anything to increase collagen production and help fine lines, or is this a scam? READ MORE

Does Laser Cause Skin to Produce an Authentic Collagen or is the Benefit More in the Resurfacing and Removing Sun Damage?

Don't get me wrong, I do see great benefit in removing sun damage but I am wondering if there is a legitimate benefit in stimulating collogen that... READ MORE

Bumps Appeared All over my Face After my First Laser Collagen Stimulation Procedure?

I was told they had never seen this before and asked to wait two weeks to see if it was an allergic reaction before deciding to discontinue the... READ MORE

1) Why call it Fraxel if it is not? 2) Why only treat sporadically? 3) How can it increase collagen production all over? (photo)

After investigation I rephrase questions. I've had first of 3- 5 sessions of photo-rejuvenation. My dermatologist calls it Fraxel, but machine is... READ MORE

Is there any non-surgical procedure (such as RF, ultrasound, laser) that can restore volume around the lips without fillers?

I am 58. I have lost volume around my mouth resulting in small wrinkles and puckering. My skin is not sagging in my lower face. (I had a facelift in... READ MORE

I recently had a yag laser used on my face. I now have a very deep line, and loss of collagen in many areas. What can I do?

How can the melted collagen, from the Yag laser be repaired...? I recently had a yag laser used on my face, and now have a very deep line, and loss of... READ MORE

Can collagen be restored with lifestyle changes?

I'm 27, until last year most people guessed my age was 21-23, after a very stressful year and extreme sleep deprivation, I aged dramatically to a... READ MORE

ICON XD laser settings for collagen stimulation.

For the 1540 laser using the XD tip. for skin type 3, what is typical fluence settings for collagen stimulation and how many passes full face treatment? READ MORE

My problem is wrinkles, crappiness in the oral area. Could a major laser treatment make things worse?

If I have crappiness and wrinkles on lower face (oral area) and have a major laser treatment performed by a plastic surgeon, could it create more... READ MORE

Are any specific lasers able to build enough collagen to add some volume to the face?

I realize that fillers are the first choice when it comes to restoring volume. But I was wondering if any lasers can give a volumizing, plumping... READ MORE

Is the Alma Harmony Alma's ST Laser Effective?

Considering having the Alma ST Laser to tighten my neck and chin area. Starting to go south. This laser is suppose to target the tissue remodeling... READ MORE

What is the Laser Treatment Machine Called FA? Pros and Cons?

It is supposed to be a face treatment that improves the collagen and moves the dark spots and the wrinkles. I am 34 years old and my main problem is... READ MORE

Can Collagen-stimulating Laser Treatments Cause Weight Loss As a Side Effect?

I am receiving laser treatment on my face to stimulate collagen, can this make me lose weight, as I do not want to? READ MORE

What is the best laser/procedure to even out skin tone, smooth the skin, and give a youthful look?

I am almost 25 years old. My skin used to be very even-toned as I used to tan but the past few years I have been away from the sun and my skin has... READ MORE

Which Laser is Best for Natural Facial Collagen Development?

I am only 30... but i work in the show business industry. I hardly have any wrinkles... But i do have some minimal sagging due to weight loss... I... READ MORE

Best Laser for Building Collagen in Orbital Eye Area?

I do not need resurfacing in the eye area, I do not have wrinkles yet! Botox is not doing the job and I am far too young for cutting skin off !(30) I... READ MORE

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