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Fractional Laser or Dermabrasion for Chin and Upper Lip Lines?

I am 64. I used to use Retin-A with great success for lines on chin. In recent years, it doesn't correct deep lines in chin and now starting to get... READ MORE

Laser for Fatty Lump Between Lower Lip and Chin?

I have a fatty lump between my lower lip and chin that is bothering me aesthetically. How do I get rid of it? Can laser treatment remove this... READ MORE

63 and Look Great but Severe Lip and Chin Wrinkles. Non-surgical options other than injections?

I am 63 and look great except the severe wrinkling around my mouth and chin make me very self conscious. is there a safe non invasive way to treat... READ MORE

Had Matrix Ir Test on Chin and Left Pattern of Pore Images

Had matrix ir laser test on chin, it has been three weeks and it appears to have left pattern of small pores and the texture is worse than ever.It has... READ MORE

Will this laser burn heal/ or leave scarring on my chin? (photos)

I had laser done on my face four weeks. End of the session I was left with a hard dark coloured chin. The beautician told me to apply aloe Vera gel on... READ MORE

5 days post BBL. Bring pink skin after large brown patches came off. (photo)

I had an BBL treatment 5 days ago. Big brown dusty scabs formed on my chin. They have peeled off now leaven bring pink patches. I look like a zebra.... READ MORE

I just had laser face lift on cheeks and under chin, no stitches required. Do I have to wear the chin strap everyday? (Photo)

I had it on my cheeks n under chin.She stuck the probe thing in my face n used the laser under my skin.i dont hav stitches.Local anesthesia was used.... READ MORE

9 months after Erbium Laser and skin texture dry and more lines around chin. Is there anything I can do? (photo)

Would facial peels help this? My skin looks like leather under my chin. And lines around my eyes look more prominent. Botox does not seem to help. READ MORE

I fell and cut my chin open. I have 20 stitches and the outside was glued. When can I start laser treatment for scars? (Photo)

I am a 40 year old woman and I work in an industry where appearance is my job. I see so many different answers about when to start laser treatment. If... READ MORE

Is ultrasonic or laser lips best for chin/neck lipo and hopefully skin tightening? (Photo)

I went to two well known local PS's. One suggested laser lipo the other ultrasonic. Both claimed amaxing results and hopes of skin tightening. Which... READ MORE

Had 1 laser session, will I have to commit to limited sun exposure and sunscreen my whole life?

My first laser session she did my whole face. I've now decided I onlly want my chin and sideburns done. Will I have to still wear sunscreen on my... READ MORE

What is the best laser for broken capillaries on the face? Also can laser be used for sun spots on the legs?

I'm interested in laser for broken capillaries on my nose, chin and cheeks. What is the best or most appropriate laser to use for that? Also I have... READ MORE

How Effective is Laser Tight Treatment?

My doctor recommended Laser Tight to remove bags under my eyes and to tighten the skin; and to use same procedure to remove and tighten fat under chin... READ MORE

Is the Alma Harmony Alma's ST Laser Effective?

Considering having the Alma ST Laser to tighten my neck and chin area. Starting to go south. This laser is suppose to target the tissue remodeling... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Chin Scars and Removing Hair?

I have dark spots, blemishes, and scars on my chin from tweezing. Can laser treatment correct my skin scarring and remove the chin hairs? READ MORE

Having Laser Treatment Despite Photosensitivity?

I have moderate to severe rosacea on my cheeks, and mild on my chin and forehead. I also have cystic acne on my chin and jaw areas. I have used... READ MORE

I have keratosis pilaris rubra faceii. Is there a laser treament that can help?

I have been suffering with the redness for 6 year i am 17 years old. The redness is on both of my eyebrows cheeks and chin. This is killing me. Please... READ MORE

Will Laser Treatment Affect Cheek and Chin Implants?

Will IPL, Fraxel or Portrait Plasma treatments affect cheek and chin implants? READ MORE

Can you have a non-ablative, photoacoustic or LED laser treatment over areas filled with Aquamid?

I would like to have a revlite laser treatment which apparently stimulates the dermis. I had aquamid injected into my chin 2 years ago. Would it be... READ MORE

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