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Most Effective Laser Treatment for Keloid Scarring on Chest?

I've received 8 treatments of 5FU injections into the keloids. The keloids have responded well, as in they have reduced and not regrown. I also... READ MORE

What is Coherent Ultra Pulse CO2 Laser?

Can you tell me more about Coherent Ultra Pulse CO2 Laser? Is it the best (proven) for overall skin improvement, like wrinkles, creping under the eyes... READ MORE

What is the Strongest Possible Laser You Can Use on Chest Skin?

I have crepiness and fine wrinkling on the chest at age 30. I understand this area is harder to treat than the face but would like the most possible... READ MORE

Would lasers work to remove excision scar on chest?

A year ago I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my chest. Although the scar has faded quite a bit it still stands out quite a bit. Are there any... READ MORE

I am 19 years old and I was looking into procedures that can remove dark marks on my face, chest, and back. (Photo)

It's more of old acne marks. I have tried all types of creams, soaps, topical treatments, home remedies and everything. My dermatologist suggested to... READ MORE

What are the best lasers for treating acne scars (some depressed and some flush with skin) on the chest, shoulders, and back?

I have had some cosmetic surgeons say that laser would not be useful in my case. However, my dermatologist, who also does cosmetic work, seems to... READ MORE

Should I get a laser treatment even though I still have ongoing acne on my chest?

I have some acne scarring on my chest. I have tried everything to make the acne go away but it has been heavily present for several years. Should I... READ MORE

Best Laser for Deep Chest Lines and Wrinkles Across Abdomen?

What's the best laser treatment for deep vertical chest lines and horizontal wrinkles across abdomen from loss of firmness? I am 38 years old and in... READ MORE

Can the dark tinea versicolor spots on my back and chest be removed with a laser?

I am an African American and I have tinea versicolor dark spots on my chest and back. I was wondering if laser treatments can help remove the tinea... READ MORE

Recommendation For Aft Treatment on Chest For Sensitive, Fair Skin?

I recently had a bad reaction to something, leaving my chest super red for 2 months and as a result the capillaries on my upper chest/lower neck were... READ MORE

How can my chest/back keloid scars be treated? (photo)

I have been undergoing a series of injections to flatten our the keloid scars. I am looking for some kind of treatment options to improve the look of... READ MORE

My daughter has a beckers nevus on her neck and chest: Can the skin be stretched to reduce pigmentation size

Her nevus covers the left side of chest anteriorly. we tried laser but with no effect. READ MORE

What are the cost of laser treatment for consultation and removal of cafe au lait spot/discoloration? (photos)

Mixed asian descent, female, had this discoloration along chest with freckling with a very noticeable cafe au lait spot on neck since child.Looking to... READ MORE

Hi doctor. ..I have a large scar on my chest and I'm thinking of getting Laser Treatment. Is it safe? (photo)

I got a large scar on my chest since I was a thinking of going for wanna knw d kind of laser am gonna go for and like hw much is... READ MORE

Any experience of dermatitis associated with Sciton Laser and MicroLaserPeel treatment on neck?

Neck developed dermatitis where treatment ended partway onto chest. Took over a year before dermatitis addressed. No history of skin sensitivity prior... READ MORE

Laser stretch mark removal - how many treatments, how often and average price?

I have old, white/faintly pink stretch marks on my upper arms/chest and stomach. How much would it cost to have them removed? How many sessions would... READ MORE

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