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Hyperpigmentation after Laser Treatment. (photo)

I had Q Switch laser done 2times to one sunspot on my cheek. The treatment was 3 month apart. After 4 months pass by, It left me with a dime size... READ MORE

Treatments for Hyperpigmentation After Laser Treatment?

My doctor, a dermatologist, knew I had a hyperpigmentation condition before the laser treatment. Now, I have huge dark brown spots on my cheeks after... READ MORE

Can I Get Laser Treatment 3 Months Post Accutane?

I'm a month from finishing my Accutane course, and I'm VERY anxious to get some laser treatments for my red nose and cheeks. He claims that 3... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Sagging Lower Facial Skin?

Which laser treatment can help tighten sagging skin around my mouth, cheeks and jaw? Thanks. READ MORE

Proper Age for Laser Treatment for Scars?

I am 13 and I have a scar in my face (left cheek,and lip). What age is appropiate to get a laser treatment to erase it completly? READ MORE

AFT Pulsed Light and Laser Skin Tightening - Can I Have These Procedures if I Have Gold Threads?

I have only a few gold threads in my cheeks. I already had Pixel skin resurfacing and didn't have any problem with that. I'm wondering, can I have AFT... READ MORE

Which Laser Treatment is Best to Get Overall Good Facial Skin?

Im in my 30's and would like to consider some laser therapy for my facial skin, I have dark brown cystic acne spots on both of my lower cheeks, very... READ MORE

Vertical line on right cheek? (photo)age

Hello... I'm 28 years old. I have never smoked and never drank. I notice when I let my dog out in the morning that when I turn to the right of my... READ MORE

Will ESR Laser Absorb Dermal Fillers?

I have heard various things about lasers, such as ESR and photofacial, absorbing the dermal fillers in cheeks and around mouth. Is this true that a... READ MORE

Laser treatment on face for thread veins - reaction within 24 hours face swelled and blisters. Clinic said to use ice. (photos)

Hospital have given me steroids to reduce swelling as whole face including eyes are swollen badly. There is a lot of localised redness and blisters on... READ MORE

I have a Nevus of Ota on my right cheek. Is it possible to get it removed through lasers? (Photo)

I have a nevus of ota on my right cheek is it possible to get it removed through lasers ,i have undergone one session with a Q switched laser but it... READ MORE

Indent After Laser Treatment on Dark Spot

I had a dark spot due to sun damage on my cheek. I am Asian, so I am prone to get dark spots, the laser specialist told me. I had laser treatment and... READ MORE

Skin was Burned from Laser Treatment to the Face, Could this Leave Permanent Scarring?

Hi, I have going through laser Treatment where first 2 session was good & i have not found any problem with the skin but last session which i had... READ MORE

What is Revlite Laser?? What are the side effects?/ Is there is a risk of Hyperpigmentation with this treatment??

Hello doctor.... i am from india.. my doctor suggest me revilite laser for my mild pigmentation and some acne marks.. i didint find any reviews in... READ MORE

CO2 Laser for Asian Skin with Melasma?

Hi, I was diagnosed as having a melasma by a dermatologist. He suggested for me to have a CO2 laser. Would this work on my type of skin? I am of an... READ MORE

Having Laser Treatment Despite Photosensitivity?

I have moderate to severe rosacea on my cheeks, and mild on my chin and forehead. I also have cystic acne on my chin and jaw areas. I have used... READ MORE

Laser for Hyperpigmentation Due to Sun Damage?

I have fairly light complexion. I'm a 53-year-old female with sun damage on my cheeks. I was wondering, is laser treatment recommended for... READ MORE

I have keratosis pilaris rubra faceii. Is there a laser treament that can help?

I have been suffering with the redness for 6 year i am 17 years old. The redness is on both of my eyebrows cheeks and chin. This is killing me. Please... READ MORE

Will Laser Treatment Affect Cheek and Chin Implants?

Will IPL, Fraxel or Portrait Plasma treatments affect cheek and chin implants? READ MORE

Can monopolar RF treatment for the face cause volume loss or fat atrophy?

I've got hollow cheeks and have started Indiba treatments. The last thing I need is volume loss. READ MORE

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